If you are a runner or an athlete or you do your daily chores or nothing at all, you might once in a while feel the urge to stretch or press your legs. Therefore, we should all understand and appreciate the therapeutic benefits of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is basically stretching or massaging the legs. But a leg massage at the spa is also not a bad idea!

Our legs keep us standing all day. The more we walk, the more our calves will be pumping our blood upwards. On the contrary, the more we keep sitting, this pumping action will get impaired. This also takes a toll on our veins and the circulation in our feet and legs. Therefore, it must be understood that if we are standing all the time, some of our blood vessels might get damaged.

Here’s a look at some endless benefits of leg massage, as suggested by Aditya Arya, Co founder of Yes Madam.

  • Improves blood circulation : Our excessively lethargic lifestyle greatly decreases blood flow and circulation in our legs. A simple leg massage keeps the movement in the muscles going and improves blood circulation.
  • Avoid lymph build up : The lymphatic framework is liable for disposing of toxins, squander and other undesirable materials from the body. Some times, specific circumstances make the lymph build and develop. Nor does this only influence the lymphatic framework’s capacity to eliminate squander, it also causes buildup in the arms and legs.
  • Prevents injuries : Leg massage is a great activity in itself as it helps prevent injuries. It increases our mobility, stretches muscle tissues and improves blood supply. The loosening of the muscles significantly decreases the probability that an injury may occur during a sports game or exercise.
  • Reduces stress : A leg massage reduces stress, decreases tension and helps control anxiety. A soothing leg massage can bring your heart rate below, relax tense muscles and release endorphins. These all calm nerves and help you relax and loosen up.
  • Muscle recovery : For those who are fond of exercising, the soreness after a hard-core workout can be enough to make you not want to exercise. For those who frequently exercise, the dreaded soreness after a good workout can be enough to make you never want to exercise again. This soreness is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. A leg massage can assist in treating DOMS and speed up your recovery. Massages are known to decrease expansion and help in the healing of muscles.
  • Posture alignment : Experts say bad posture leads to not only back pain but also affects the legs. Regular massage of the legs can also improve the misalignment of the hips and the lower back.
  • Oedema : Massaging the foot can assist with avoiding Edema which is an exceptionally abundant issue among pregnant ladies. Oedema happens when the feet and ankles are swollen in regards to fluid retention. Food massages can considerably help with any uneasiness that can occur.
  • PMS: As a result of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), numerous ladies experience a plethora of issues ranging from mental to physical. Side effects like mood swings, tension, migraines, and headaches can essentially obstruct day to day activities however a decent leg massage can assist with soothing these effects. Everyday foot and leg massages can truly be useful during this time.
  • Insomnia : Sleep deprivation is a complex problem. A portion of the causes incorporates various medications (like caffeine, nicotine, the prescription you take for asthma), shift work, stress, sorrow, and depression. Now and then we simply don’t have a clear idea about the root cause behind sleep deprivation. However, we believe leg massages tend to have a considerable effect on your sleep. Leg massages can diminish your degrees of stress and thus help you rest.
  • Joint pains : Leg massages can help in relieving joint pains. Massage helps by loosening up the muscles around the joints and kneading the connective tissue that holds these joints set up. Considering that joint pain can be additionally exacerbated by muscle firmness, the capacity of massages to release the tension in solid muscles is exceptionally compelling. By releasing the tension in the encompassing tissue, the tension is taken off from the joints and diminishes a portion of the pain felt because of the irritation of the tissues in the joints .


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