Gurgaon: The four youngsters who died on the railway tracks on Tuesday while taking selfies had been visiting the spot for several days to capture that perfect shot, which required a moving train in the backdrop and them to be perilously close to it. They had tried a few times, but the video they wanted hadn’t worked out. So they tried again on Wednesday, posing near a train coming from the Rewari side and then hopping over to the other track, failing to notice an express train from Delhi that was nearly on them and mowed them down before they could react.
One of the victims, Mohammad Anas, had posted a few pictures and videos of the spot a day prior to the incident. The four — Anas, Sameer, Yusuf and Yuvraj Gogia — were aged 20-25 years and were active on social media. They regularly put up videos and reels on Instagram from different places. Residents of the same locality, they were childhood friends and hung out together.
Anas, who had 2,577 followers on Instagram, had posted a photo and a video on the tracks just a day before the incident. Dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and white shoes, Anas was photographed from behind, standing on the tracks with the setting sun as the backdrop. The post has 47 likes and two comments. In the video, he is seen walking on the tracks with music playing in the background.
Yuvraj, meanwhile, had 217 followers on Instagram and posted reels on the platform. Yusuf, who had 300 followers, posted only videos.
All four came from humble backgrounds — their parents have hair salons and vegetable shops in Sector 9. On Tuesday, Sameer asked for Rs 100 from his mother and left home on his sister’s scooter saying he was meeting his friends. He was wearing a new shirt, bought two days back for the photoshoot.
Sameer picked up the three others and they went to the railway tracks near Basai to take photos and videos and post them on social media. “They had been coming here for the past few days and taking pictures. We had asked them to stay away from the tracks, but they ignored us,” said Om Prakash, who lives near the tracks.
The friends were taking pictures and videos around 5pm when a freight train arrived. They then shifted to another track. In the meantime, the Delhi-Ajmer Jan Shatabdi Express arrived on the track they were standing on. The youths did not move as they wanted the train in the photo, and were run over.
Anas’ father Irshad and Vijay Kumar, Sameer’s father, said they had no idea that the youngsters were going to the railway tracks for photos. “They always used to hang out together. We didn’t know they were doing this,” Vijay said.
Officers from the Government Railway Police (GRP) said the train left Gurgaon railway station around 4.50pm and the incident took place around 5pm. “We came to know about it around ten minutes later. According to the driver of the train, the youths were taking selfies on the track. He blew the horn but couldn’t stop the train on time,” said Ramphal Kumar, SHO of GRP (Gurgaon railway station), adding that their families haven’t filed a complaint so far.
Police have recovered a damaged pistol-shaped lighter and a scooter from the spot. According to GRP, around 130 people die on railway tracks in Gurgaon on an average every year. Around 40% of the bodies remained unidentified.
In most of the cases, people are mowed down when they are crossing the railway track while talking on the phone or listening to music with earphones on, they said.


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