Adele prefers Prince Harry over Prince William

Singing icon Adele participated in Vogue’s 73 Questions series and made an interesting choice when posed with the question: Prince Harry or Prince William.

The 33-yea-old star was asked quick-fire questions on everything from her songwriting process to what she misses most about the UK.

The singer-songwriter has recently mesmerised fans with the release of her new song Easy on Me, which instantly became a fan favourite as thousands took to social media to share their reactions.

Despite now living in the US, Adele showed she never lost touch with her roots. During the interview, the Someone Like You singer was asked lots of questions about Britain, including whether she misses Tesco or Sainsbury’s more.

She was also asked if she would pick Prince Harry or Prince William (she chose Harry), and was hit with the all-important Blur or Oasis question.

When asked about similarities and differences between Britain and LA, she said the tea and coffee culture is the same, but one of the big differences is “funky language” Americans use for certain things, such as how they say cilantro instead of coriander.


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