Dear Afghanistan cricket team

A billion+ people are rooting for you to defeat NewZealand in the T20 World Cup today so that India, after losing two games in the group stage, can qualify for the semi-final through the back door on net run-rate, never mind that even if you win today’s game, YOU might not qualify

In return for an out-of-your-skin performance…We are happy to build you ANOTHER Parliament building. But wait…your current rulers don’t want it, so we will build a shoora building instead

We are happy to build 100s more hospitals and schools for girls. But wait… your current rulers wouldn’t want it, so we will build 100s of madarsas

We are happy to build 1000s of miles of roads. But wait…your current rulers won’t care for it, so will supply them with 4x4s so they can race around on dirt tracks

We are happy to donate 100s of 1000s of books. But wait …your current rulers will just burn them, so we will supply them with more guns

What?? Team Afghanistan does not represent the current dispensation in Kabul???

Well, in that case we are happy to adopt you, and provide you asylum if you go on and beat NZ by a sufficiently large margin to qualify for the semi-final. We will go on to lose to Namibia in this cause. We will then back you to defeat Pakistan and designate your team as our team’s “strategic depth”.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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