Amanda Seyfried reveals going through pregnancy trauma
Amanda Seyfried reveals going through pregnancy trauma

Amanda Seyfried, talking about her recent pregnancy, revealed that she was traumatized while giving birth to her son. 

During her interview with People, the 35-year-old actor shared, “I had something that went wrong with my second birth.”

“The baby was okay but it was tricky and it was painful and it didn’t have to happen, and it did so it added an extra level of trauma,” added the American model.

Opening up about her health struggles, she said, “I went to the doctor every week at the end of my pregnancy and all of sudden it’s like, ‘Bye, here’s some hospital bills!’ I mean, I kept receiving them and I’m still healing from something.”

“I’m okay. It was a very physical thing and it was a spinal thing, but I’m okay,” she added.

The Mean Girl star also talked about how she and her husband managed to look after their two children in the midst of her health condition. 

She said, “You just do. At that point, I’m very freshly out of the hospital, I had to feed him, my husband was with my daughter and I had people that could drive me back to the hospital.”


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