Amber Liu drops brand new ‘interstellar’ MV for ‘Bad Decisions’ single

Lyricist and songwriter Amber J Liu has just released her official MV for the hit “extraterrestrial snack” themed song Bad Decisions.

The song features a fantasy theme and deals with the ecstasy and serendipitous emotions that follow a person’ moments with a new love.

Check it out below: 

Not even hours into its release, and the song has already started amassing a major fan following.

It is part of Amber’s upcoming album Z! and includes a total of seven songs, out of which, only two have been released so far.

Amber Liu drops brand new ‘interstellar’ MV for ‘Bad Decisions’ single

For those unversed with Amber’s musical journey, she was once active in South Korea, within SM Entertainment, under the group name F(X).

Her former group included the late Sulli, lead vocalist Luna, the leader Victoria Song as well as the youngest, Krystal Jung.

The song can be currently on streamed on all major social media platforms like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

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