B-Town is about to witness some epic weddings this year as well as in 2022. And, now, actress Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday has joined the club. Alanna Panday took to instagram to announce her engagement with her boyfriend Ivor McCray. She said yes to his romantic proposal. Reportedly, the couple has been dating for the last 2 years. The couple was holidaying in one of the most romantic places ever, Maldives. As it can be seen In the pictures, Ivor McCray and Alanna stood inside a heart-shaped arrangement on the beach as he proposed to her. The words ‘Marry Me’ were written in the sand. Ivor went down on one knee and proposed to her. After she said yes, the two shared an intimate moment and kissed. Sharing pictures from the special moment, Alanna wrote, ‘Didn’t realise it was possible to love another human this much until I met you. Thank you for making me smile everyday and loving me unconditionally. You truly make me the happiest human on this planet @ivor I can’t wait to have a family with you!’. Not just this, Ivor, too, shared a picture of the couple, giving a closer look at her engagement ring, and wrote, ‘Two years ago on this exact day was our very first date. I knew it would be easier to hide my intentions on this day. You were expecting a quiet dinner but I convinced you we had an anniversary photoshoot and just stumbled upon this glowing heart in the sand. As we approached the set up, my heart was beating like a drum. My palms completely sweaty. Knowing that any moment you could catch on. When we walked out to the middle of the heart, we hugged and it finally hit you. You asked, ‘Did you do this?’ The sound of your cry made me completely break. I was so present in the moment that it didn’t even feel real. I know it’s cliche to say time stopped but it truly did. Love is everything and I love you Alanna.’

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