Answers To Your Dating & Union Questions

That is perhaps one of the most asked about topics that people have from our readers, helping to alt swingers make feeling since we make comics about our lesbian relationship. 😅

We compiled our responses to all or any your relationship and relationship questions below–we’ll continue to increase this once we go so take a moment to continue to submit the questions you have right here.

How did you two meet and exactly how very long are you together?

We came across when we had been both college that is recent that has just moved to Ca for the brand brand new jobs. We made the move that is first reached away to Chia on OkCupid (a now ancient dating app) so we have now been together ever since (5 ВЅ years and counting)!

For more information on the backstory, you can easily read our comics regarding how We Met right here:

When did you choose to move around in together and just how do you manage any hurdles (finances, moms and dads, etc.)?

We had been the typical U-haul lesbians (in other terms. we relocated in together essentially following the very first thirty days of dating). We had been both luckily enough to be grownups have been economically separate during the time and living on our own.

If you’re younger, you will possibly not have the same luxury simply yet, so we would encourage one to concentrate on methods for you to be separate first and supporting your self before carefully deciding to go in along with your partner. Additionally, there are a complete large amount of things both of you may do together and never having to move-in.

When did you understand you liked one another and they were usually the one?

Once we proceeded our very first date, the psychological connection and real attraction for all of us had been both immediate. The greater I chatted to Chia, the greater amount of time i needed to spend with her–the world could’ve end and I also wouldn’t have noticed.

We knew We adored her whenever I had this urge that is strong tell/come away to my mom about our relationship. Chia ended up being the only i needed to share with everybody during my life about.

Several other important indications that said knew she ended up being the only:

  • We share the exact same values and want the exact same things in life.
  • She’s my closest friend and I’m 110% myself when I’m around her.
  • Being with her feels as though house.
  • She’s got beauty, brains, therefore the sense that is best of humor.
  • We’re always growing together and supporting each other.

Exactly what are some things you like and don’t like about one another?

You can find too several things I love about Chia to list all of them right here, but listed here is a silly comic about what exactly we like about one another:

And here you will find the comics on how we annoy one another because well 😂:

Do you two get into arguments and exactly how do you realy resolve them?

Yes! we are the same as any other few on earth and can have our disagreements every once in awhile, but our objective will be always resolve them together.

Through the entire years, we have discovered a couple of easy methods to accomplish that effectively–you can always check our dos out and don’ts of resolving a quarrel.

Are lesbian partners’ arguments distinct from right partners?

Great concern! Within our experience, we discover that no two lesbian that is relationships–whether straight–are the exact same and exactly how partners argue stem largely from specific characters and exactly how every person approaches/resolves conflict instead of from sexual orientation.

As an example, both in of y our relationships with females, these were all completely different in one another and now we had completely different types of arguments with your lovers during the time.

Having said that, there are several differences that are general similarities between lesbian and straight couples with regards to arguing, particularly:

  • It’s easier in the other person’s shoes for us(lesbians) to put ourselves.
  • We now have unique topics/challenges that we argue about.
  • There’s less adherence to a strict sex part structure so both events are generally on more equal footing during arguments.

We get into a far more step-by-step explanation about these distinctions and similarities within our article right here.

Just how do you obtain a gf?

This is the million dollar concern once I ended up being homosexual and closeted growing up.

While I do not have playbook to get a gf (and we still wonder the way I convinced Chia to be my girlfriend), here are a few recommendations that could be helpful: