Ganesha says because they’re both definite signs, there’s a sharpness to this combination that they’re both drawn to. They appear to be two cool people at first, with only a glimpse of the intricacy that lurks beyond the surface. Neptune is the astrological ruler of Aquarius. An Aquarian is a refreshing change of pace with an amazing free attitude as an air sign. They’re wonderful communicators and great buddies. They are drawn to individuals who separate out from the herd, who make their own standards, and who aren’t striving too hard to fit in. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means it is steady and resolute. Scorpio is a hidden psychological powerhouse. They are, in fact, quite delicate.
Scorpios are fiery, active, and tenacious. They won’t let up until they obtain what they want once they’ve decided what they desire. Instead of admitting defeat at the initial hard stretch, they will fight for the relationship for as long as feasible. Because both signs have powerful characters and qualities that are significantly different from one another, it will be difficult for them to connect and respect each other. Scorpio will admire how unrestricted an Aquarius is, while an Aquarius will admire how secretive a Scorpio is. Scorpios will desire they were more easygoing and casual in their relationships, as Aquarians are.
These signals actually learn a lot from each other and are willing to work together. Their connection is the cornerstone. Because both Signs have strong identities, they will not blatantly overpower the other. The outcomes may be quite satisfying once they can respect their diversity, come along, and decide on their separate duties within the partnership. This couple may appear to have nothing in mind, but they both have powerful wills that, when concentrated on their relationship, may bring them exactly what they desire.
These couples might have fascinating talks about any unique subject they can think of as long as they don’t give in to their obstinate, implacable mindsets. They won’t want to make small chats or conversations about their working life. It’s pointless from their viewpoint, and while Scorpio prefers to be in charge of everything their companion does, conversing with someone who says odd things will be refreshing. Their relationship’s most notable feature is an exceptional degree of intimacy.


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