Ganesha says people born from 20th January to 18th February are said to have Aquarius as their zodiac. Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign and has ‘Air’ as their zodiac element.
The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer or human pouring water out of the jug. The symbol of Aquarius depicts the awakening of human beings on the Earth by the nectar of divinity provided by God from heaven.
Saturn is the zodiac ruler of Aquarius. As this zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, people of this zodiac have to deal with more problems but the same energies of Saturn make them most powerful if they transit in the right house of the zodiac.
Aquarius is a sign which gets along well with Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio.

  • Blue, Silver, and Metallic Grey are the lucky color of Aquarius.
  • Sapphire and Opal are the Lucky stones of Aquarius.
  • Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Mondays are the lucky days of this zodiac.
  • 3, 9, and 7 are the lucky numbers of this zodiac.
  • 4th to 7th, 12th, and 29th are the lucky dates for Aquarius.
  • Iron and Silver are the lucky metals of the Aquarius.
  • Libra and Gemini are the signs which are the most compatible signs with Aquarius.

Thus, people with the Aquarius zodiac are very dependable, friendly, imaginative, and intelligent by nature.
Aquarius Personality Traits: Positives vs Negatives you should be aware of

Positive Personality traits
Negative personality traits
Aquarius people are intelligent
and inventive in nature.
They are resistant to change and
this slows down the pace of their
They are very reliable and
genuine for everyone.
They impose their state of
mind and ideas on others.
They have a charming persona. They are very eccentric sometimes.
They never get tired of the hard
work their ambitions demand.
They act mysterious sometimes
and this might annoy others.
Aquarius people are very
free-spirited individuals.
They take decisions too quickly.
Aquarius has a tremendous
focus for their goals.
Cannot maintain perseverance
and their goals suffer due to that.
They are very down-to-earth
Gets impulsive too quickly.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Aquarians

Strengths of Aquarius
Weaknesses of Aquarius
Aquarius natives are philanthropic
in outlook
Aquarius people get excessively
idealistic sometimes.
Aquarius people have the ability to
think rationally.
It’s difficult for them to open up
and make friends.
They have a style that is distinctive
and unique.
Aquarius people excessively rely on
personal judgments.
Aquarius people have an amazing
aptitude and a forward-thinking attitude.
Aquarius people make it a point to
get to the root of the problem.
Aquarius people are advocates for
liberty and helpfulness.
Aquarius frequently changes one’s
mind and lack of persistence

What are the Unique Qualities of Aquarius?
Aquarius personalities are inherently more imaginative, which is one of the most intriguing aspects of their personalities. Unlike the other zodiac signs, Aquarians have the ability to create the most exquisite and unique works of art. In addition, Aquarians have an innate aptitude for grasping novel thought. They are quickly bored by repeated routines and despise the thought of performing the same thing over and over again.
Aquarius Study & Profession: Best career options for an Aquarius Native
Many occupational qualities are embodied by Aquarians, notably analytical analysis, collective awareness, and aggressiveness. However, like other zodiac signs, the Aquarian temperament has flaws. An Aquarius can be unable to concentrate, show indifference regarding work that is unrelated to their hobbies, and demand on having their manner, even if it is not in the best advantages of performing the project at issue.
Aquarius and Money: What does astrology say about Aquarius Financial status?
Although Aquarians are a little careless, they are quite specific regarding making their financial choices. They did not think much while spending for better purposes or their family and friends. Aquarians are also money-minded and always find a way to manage funds even if they are not into heavy-paying jobs.
Aquarius relationships with others
Aquarians are outgoing and like conversing with others, yet they might take a while to psychologically open up to others. If you want to get on with Aquarians, you must be prepared to accept their eccentricities. Aquarians value their individuality and inventiveness; thus, they don’t want to be in a relationship with somebody who could criticize or try to modify their way of expressing themselves.
Aquarius relationship compatibility with grandparents
Grandparents of Aquarians may struggle to let go of their grandkids in their personal life, which is why Aquarians and their grandparents have such a strong tie. Separation has an effect on their feelings and moods every now and again. Most of them, on the other hand, eventually learn to make room for their grandparents. Aquarians are sensitive and compassionate to their grandparents in general.
Aquarius relationship compatibility with siblings
They may not have their siblings’ skills or willingness to engage in a normal discussion with the people sitting next to them, but they will always appreciate their siblings’ accomplishments. Aquarians urge their siblings to serve the poor by volunteering and donating their work and attention. Aquarians, anticipate their siblings to continue to offer them some one-on-one affection and attention. They form a relationship with their siblings, so they’ll go with their philanthropic ideas.
Aquarius relationship compatibility with their Spouse
Aquarian spouses must be able to laugh at themselves and avoid the desire to take themselves too earnestly. Aquarians perceive their partners as cognitively and emotionally complicated, and they will feel obliged to solve their partner’s puzzles. Aquarians in marriage will look for a partner that isn’t afraid to embark on their own excursions or pursue their hobbies, and they will want their spouse to do the same.
Aquarius Relationship compatibility with Kids
Aquarians recognize that you are talented in a variety of areas. However, in terms of parenting, they will need to learn new talents that you and your partner were likely not born with. This Aquarian parent’s child will be eager and combative, but for them to have the conscience they need to survive in this harsh, unforgiving society, the Aquarian parent must ensure that the kid feels loved. Aquarius parents are likely to be harsh with their children since they are harsh with themselves.
Aquarius Relationship compatibility with Family
An Aquarius may be misinterpreted in their own family, functioning as an anomaly. Aquarians, on the other hand, make terrific caregivers. They’ll put their heart and soul into making you feel loved and secure. They’ll go to any length to ensure that their relatives succeed in their endeavors. Whether you have an Aquarian for a parent, brother, or close family connection to whom you turn for counsel, an Aquarian will listen carefully and help you sketch out a strategy to address all of your problems.
Aquarius relationship compatibility with friends
Ganesha says if you are friends with an Aquarius, they will endeavor to be open-minded and will make life fascinating for you. Aquarius is a compassionate sign that is ecstatic to be able to assist their friends. Those born under the sign of Aquarius may be loyal and faithful friends, able to listen and counsel, endure and comprehend what their friends have to give because friendship does not demand emotional commitment and usually does not restrict their independence. They are typically accessible and don’t hold back, even if it means jeopardizing their emotional space. Their company is so enjoyable at every event, whether happy or sad when a larger attempt of empathy and guidance is necessary.
Aquarius Relationship Compatibility: Love, Marriage and Sex
Aquarians are believed to be among the strongest self-reliant zodiac signs. This is due to the fact that they are represented by Uranus, the planet of individuality, and that they are an air sign, which favors reasoning and independent thinking over passion. They like dating situations that captivate their intellect, despite not being a romantic sign. As a result, individuals may be lured to unusual relationships, personalities, dalliances, or union types. This zodiac sign’s physical and emotional affection is discovering someone who can satisfy their cognitive appetite and need for an engaging discussion. When they do discover someone they like, though, they may be extremely dedicated and faithful. The splendor of an Aquarian’s sexual life is a blessing to them since it fosters interpersonal bonding and liberates them from their dizzying lifestyle. This most intimately personal component of an Aquarian’s marriage is what will allow them to put their thoughts on hold and accept their feelings.
Aquarius compatibility with Aries
Aries and Aquarius have a high degree of trust for each other. This will help them to form a loving, healthy bond simply because they both see that they have no incentive to deceive one another. The Aries relationship provides enthusiasm and enthusiasm, while the Aquarius companion provides fresh ideas, a broader viewpoint, and motivation to be more present. In an Aries and Aquarius love partnership, there will be plenty of lighthearted humor and sexual energy, but you both miss compassion and sensitivity, which might lead to the relationship’s demise. Sexual encounters between the signs of Aries and Aquarius may be both difficult and exhilarating. Generally, it’s a combination of the two. These two indications build mutual esteem and confidence, even if they are compromised when it comes to sexual closeness and affection. Both signs offer a lot of energy to a sexual relationship, but their inability to express themselves in social contexts may make both partners feel excluded.
Aquarius compatibility with Taurus
Taurus and Aquarius have nothing in common, with Aquarius rushing off into the sunset and Taurus clinging to what they have, perplexed. In general, these signs’ innate strengths and desires pull them in differing ways, making it hard to develop a deep, meaningful bond but, if they make a firm decision to stay together, they can make things work. Aquarius is looking for more than just a love companion. They’re looking for the best pal. They desire a companion with whom they can have intelligent discussions about the situation of the world. They also want someone who is prepared to take risks and act on impulse. Taurus needs to be reassured that they are loved all of the time. They require a companion who will remain by their side throughout the ordeal. They get along best with another free spirit who will spend time with them. Taurus will not be happy with a mate who is constantly out partying. Taurus is also quite sensuous. They require a companion with whom they are both psychologically and mentally engaged. The bull and the water carrier are both permanent signs. Taurus’s strict adherence to regularity may bore contemporary, dynamic Aquarius. Regardless of their disagreements, they have something to give one another. Although they won’t confess it, Aquarius will find Taurus’ sturdy foundation to be reassuringly encouraging, and Taurus will find Aquarius interesting, if not entirely pleasant.
Aquarius compatibility with Gemini
Aquarius, the eleventh astrological sign and fixed air sign, is opposite to Gemini. They are philanthropic, communal, and psychologically loaded, therefore this is one of the most logical combinations you can envision. Notwithstanding their spaciousness, the Water Bearer is the stable sign of the air group, thus they prefer to pull their head in on their manner of seeing the universe, whereas Gemini wishes to retain the freedom to change everything up at any time. This breezy couple can stay in the same book by tapping into their natural instincts to be accessible and tolerant of one another’s quirks.
Aquarius compatibility with Cancer
Romance is somewhat of an academic pursuit for an Aquarian. Aquarians want a love companion who is powerful, confident, and self-sufficient. Love is a natural feeling for Cancer, and it is all about psychological closeness. Cancers want a romantic partner that is sensitive, kind, and passionate enough to really make them feel comfortable and confident in their relationship. They do have one thing in common: a strong will to succeed. When one of them wants something, they will go to any length to have it. The Aquarian personality is creative and imaginative. These personalities may offer the Cancer personality a lot. Cancer rescues Aquarius from a life that is devoid of true compassion. Cancer is saved from mental lunacy by Aquarius. The combination of Aquarius and Cancer is a long-lasting one. They have each other’s backs in good times and bad. It’s pleasant when the Aquarius and Cancer love union is honest and reasonable. Cancer may be disturbed if Aquarius is dominant or forceful. When Cancer is worried, they withdraw or grow agitated. The assertive Aquarian may cause a lot of tension in a partnership. Things that are bad will stymie the building of interpersonal attachment between the two of you. Accepting the emotional attitude of Cancer will make things simpler for Aquarius. Aquarius and Cancer affinity improves if they reach a balance. Cancer and Aquarius both have strong feelings. This fact has a significant impact on the relationship between Aquarius and Cancer. They may try to disguise their feelings by seeming strong.
Aquarius compatibility with Leo
These two honeybees find it simple to fall in love since they share a passion for socializing. This lovely couple has an outstanding matching level. This mix of passion, passion, and intimacy may be both enjoyable and long-lasting. Even though their connections are full of obstacles and disturbance, because that’s what transpires when fixed signs complement one another, all fixed signs can have long-lasting partnerships. It may not be the strongest passionate relationship, but it is the showiest or eccentric. Since their requirements are so dissimilar, Leos and Aquarians frequently conflict. Aquarius is unconcerned with what others believe about them. Their personal judgment is the only one that counts to them. In fact, they would want to separate out from the throng and be recognized as one of a kind. Leos, on the other hand, are looking for approval. They want to be loved by everybody. Although these two signs have quite various objectives, they may work together to make a partnership succeed. They just cannot allow their disagreements to separate them. After all, they’re both devoted to one other. Once they’ve made a connection with someone, they’ll go to great lengths to help them. They are ferociously protective of the people they care about. A Leo Aquarius partnership is full of excitement, attractiveness, and self-assurance. They also have a healthy sexual life. Aquarius enjoys coming up with new concepts and will admire Leo’s determination to see them through. These signs will feel safe revealing their innermost feelings, feelings, and ideas if they can transcend their disagreements and build a trustworthy connection.
Aquarius compatibility with Virgo
Aquarius and Virgo are changeable signs, which implies they are more adaptable to their lovers’ preferences. air symbol for pleasant cruising. The social rules regulating a connection mystify Aquarius, who will flutter around it and breathe deep and wide on an everyday schedule. Virgo is an earth sign who wants structure and a well-planned progression of events. Both think it is necessary to give back, however, Virgo opposes free giveaways and Aquarius wishes to disperse the riches of the society. Virgo and Aquarius are staunch supporters in continuous improvement; they may take a variety of lessons simultaneously, and when they’re both cognitively motivated, they’ll bounce on each other’s viewpoints. To enjoy intimacy, Aquarius wants to be psychologically and spiritually linked, which is ideal for Virgo, who craves connection. Structural contrasts make it tough for these star signs to have a healthy relationship. Predisposed individuals Aquarius will sneer at contemplative Virgo’s inclination to take life too seriously, while Virgo will scoff at Aquarius’s habit of taking life too sincerely.
Aquarius compatibility with Libra
Libra and Aquarius have a great partnership which always yields favorable benefits. There is an immediate bond between the two. On an intuitive and intellectual level, they are a perfect combination. Libra gives Aquarius a sense of security and psychological independence. They are providers rather than takers, and they are forward-thinking rather than static. Partnerships with Libras give Aquarians the immediate impression that they have finally discovered their true match. In a relationship, Libra has a lot to give. Aquarians might get naively romantic in their life plans and goals, with no understanding of how to turn them into an actuality; Libra can rush to their relief by exposing them to the truth. Aquarius’ cognitive demands might be stimulated by Libra. Aquarians adore their Libra spouse for a variety of reasons, one of which is their desire for peace. Aquarians, as imposing as they may appear, despise fighting. Libras are natural harmonizers who despise fighting and prefer to resolve matters diplomatically. They allow their mates to communicate themselves freely and are able to sacrifice. Aquarius guards their freedom with their life. This is something Libra has to be mindful of. Though this may not be a difficulty for a Libra to provide, it is still important for them to remember this, especially when they are controlling and self-centered. The finest of both signs is always brought out in a Libra and Aquarian partnership.
Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio
Ganesha says because they’re both definite signs, there’s a sharpness to this combination that they’re both drawn to. They appear to be two cool people at first, with only a glimpse of the intricacy that lurks beyond the surface. Neptune is the astrological ruler of Aquarius. An Aquarian is a refreshing change of pace with an amazing free attitude as an air sign. They’re wonderful communicators and great buddies. They are drawn to individuals who separate out from the herd, who make their own standards, and who aren’t striving too hard to fit in. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means it is steady and resolute. Scorpio is a hidden psychological powerhouse. They are, in fact, quite delicate.


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