Ariana Grande ‘too terrified’ to become a star she ‘wanted to be’

Ariana Grande was reportedly very ‘terrified’ of actually becoming the kind of star she dreamed of after leaving Nickelodeon.

Grande weighed in on it all while interviewing on Eric Vetro’s podcast titled Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro.

She started off by admitting, “In the way beginning, putting out ‘The Way’ was very freeing and terrifying for me because I was so convinced that I had to be one thing — because people knew me from my show that I was doing from Nickelodeon and I was playing a character that a lot of people knew me as.”

She also admitted, “I was kinda terrified to do what I actually wanted and make the music that I actually wanted to make — and have my brown hair, wear thigh-high boots [and be] what I wanted to be.”

However, the moment she made the decision to release the single and ditch the red hair, was a huge turning point in her career.

The singer even reminisced over it in her interview and added, “That was a really big moment for me, putting out my first single on my first album and taking that risk from the way beginning too. It was a really incredible turning point for me.”

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