Asif Ali after receiving Player of the Day award for his match-winning performance during Afghanistan match.
Asif Ali after receiving Player of the Day award for his match-winning performance during Afghanistan match.
  • After the victory against Afghanistan in the ICC Twenty20 World Cup match, Asif Ali thanks Islamabad United for trusting him. 
  • Several cricketers, famed personalities and many cricket fans have paid tribute to him on social media platforms. 
  • ‘Remember the name’ was another message from the power-hitter that went around on social media platforms. 

Pakistani batter Asif Ali, who glided Pakistan to victory in the penultimate over against Afghanistan in the Super 12s of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup match played at the Dubai International Stadium on Friday, expressed his delight over the third consecutive win in a see-saw clash.

“Aur koi hukam Pakistan? [Is there any other order for me, Pakistan?],” said the power-hitter in a tweet after the match.

Asif Ali, who earned the love and appreciation from cricket fans, thanked the Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise Islamabad United and everyone who reposed trust in him in his difficult time.

Shukriya @isbunited aur woh sub log jinho ne mere per belief rakha mere mushkil waqt mai,” said the right-hand batter.

The winner of the ‘Player of the Match’ award concluded his tweet by saying #PakistanZindabad.

Asif Ali has played a ball and taken one run at the end of the 18th over with Pakistan needing 24 runs from 12 balls. At the end of the 19th over, Asif Ali was 25 after hitting seven balls and guided Pakistan to a five-wicket win.

As he won the Player of the Match award, he said, “The boundary was small from this end so I told my partner I’d go for it this over. Thank God we pulled it off.”

“I look at the situation and plan in accordance with what it demands. [I see] which bowler has overs remaining, and the field setting,” he elaborated his strategy.

About his great batting performance, Asif Ali said, “I told Shoaib that Naveen was bowling well, and from this end, I could even score 25 in an over. So I planned for it.”

Several cricketers, famed personalities and a lot of cricket fans paid tribute to Asif Ali for turning tables on Afghanistan.

Famous English cricketer Ben Stokes praised Asif in his unique style by saying, “Remember the name.”

To his tweet, Asif reacted with an emoji and later in a video, he is found repeating the same words on a lighter note. 

After Asif’s convincing batting show, skipper Babar Azam heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God. After lauding the other teammates for their performances, Babar Azam termed Asif’s show as “cherry on top”. 

Several celebrated figures followed the hashtag #AsifYouBeauty. The Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja also heaped laurels on him. 

Renowned former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also followed the trend. 

Asif Ali earned the ‘best finisher’ remarks from one of Pakistan’s great bowlers Wasim Akram. 

For Mohammad Hafeez, Asif Ali was “amazing” during the Afghanistan match.

Several politicians took to Twitter to express their emotions about the country’s third consecutive win and Asif’s major contribution for the victory. 

After the victory against Afghanistan, a video of Australia’s former cricketer Dean Jones went viral. In the video, Dean Jones, who worked as head coach of Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), got emotional while remembering Asif Ali’s daughter. 


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