Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has won the praise and admiration of people around the globe as he fights to defend his country amid the Russian invasion.

As the Ukraine crisis heats up, the internet is already calling for a film about the 44-year-old comedian turned politician and are rooting for ‘Avengers’ star Jeremy Renner, to be cast in the lead role.

“You just know Hollywood is scrambling to put together a movie starring Jeremy Renner as Zelenskyy,” said a fan sharing a photo of Renner from his war film ‘The Hurt Locker‘.

“Is it obvious to everybody else that Jeremy Renner is the only logical option to play Zelenskyy in the biopic screenwriters are almost certainly drafting already?” another asked on Twitter, sharing side-by-side images of the two men.

See all the reactions that poured in on social media:

While some have been rooting for the actor to be cast in the film, a good majority expressed their disgust over the trending subject as Ukraine is currently in the middle of a war with the death toll rising by the day.

“Americans fan casting Jeremy Renner as Ukraine’s president for Hollywood to capitalize off of war. Honestly isn’t unsurprising. Literally some of the most ignorant insensitive people in the world,” said a Twitter user.

Another added, “Ukrainians are losing their lives and having their homes/businesses destroyed and we really have people tweeting ‘Jeremy Renner should play Zelenskyy in the movie about this!!”

“That’s the most pathetic and tasteless thing you could possibly be thinking about right now,” said another in a fiery post.

Zelensky himself is a former actor, who entered politics in 2019. The father-of-two was among the most popular Ukrainian TV comedians who played the president in the satirical show ‘Servant of The People’. Keeping this in mind, Twitterati said that the President could play himself and didn’t an actor to play him in a future film.

Renner, on the other hand, has not reacted to the posts. He has, however, been doing his part to help aid relief efforts and urge fans and followers to donate to various relief efforts.

Meanwhile, filmmaker and actor Sean Penn is in Ukraine to continue work on a documentary about the ongoing Russian assault.

He was also there in late November to work on the project, which is being produced by VICE Studios. Photographs at the time showed him visiting the frontlines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the Donetsk region.

The Oscar-winner has been involved in numerous international humanitarian and anti-war efforts over the years.


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