Indian coach Ravi Shastri pictured during the team’s clash against New Zealand (Left) and former captain Mohammad Azahruddin. Photo: File

Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin slammed skipper Virat Kohli and the team’s coach Ravi Shastri for not facing the media after getting drubbed by New Zealand on Sunday.

During a discussion on ABP News, Azharuddin said the coach should have held the press conference if Kohli was not in the mood to do so. 

He said it was important to face the media after defeats as well. 

“You can’t just attend press conferences after victories, you must give an explanation for defeats too. Sending Bumrah for the press conference was not right. Either the captain or the coach should have come for the presser or someone from the coaching staff,” he added.

When asked whether Kohli and Shastri had deliberately avoided the tough questions, Azharuddin said there is no need to be ashamed of defeats. 

“If you lose a game or two, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. But the captain or the coach must come and explain to the nation why the team lost. How can you expect Bumrah to answer these questions?” he wondered. 

Azharuddin said if the captain or the coach is ready to face the media after winning a game, then they should do so when the team is going through ” a rough phase”. 

India once again failed to put up a strong show a couple of days ago against New Zealand. After its top-order misfired, the Indian batsmen managed to only put up a mediocre 110/7 off their 20 overs which was chased successfully by the Black Caps with eight wickets to spare. 

India suffering ‘bubble fatigue’, says Jasprit Bumrah

During the press conference on Sunday, fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah admitted the Indian cricket team is undergoing “bubble fatigue” as they have been on the road for the past six months or so. 

When asked if the team were fatigued after the IPL season, which concluded a week before the World Cup, Bumrah told reporters: “Absolutely, sometimes you need a break. You miss your family. You’ve been on the road for six months.

“So all of that sometimes play on the back of your mind. But when you are on the field, you don’t think of all those things…obviously staying in a bubble and staying away from your family for such a long period of time does play a role.

“The BCCI also tried their best to make us feel comfortable … It’s a difficult time. There’s a pandemic going on, so we try to adapt but sometimes bubble fatigue, mental fatigue also creeps in.”

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