Beyonce shares special birthday tribute to Kim Kardashian, puts feud rumours to rest

Beyonce has put feud rumours with Kim Kardashian to rest as she posted a rich tribute to the reality star on her 41st birthday.

Kim, who turned 41 on 21 October, received sweet greetings from fans, friends and colleagues on her special day.

Beyonce posted onto her website an adorable photo of the 41 year old as a baby to wish a “Happy Birthday.”

Kanye’s estranged wife received birthday compliments from celebrities including Madonna, Ciara and Ryan Seacrest – with Beyonce now added to that list to the surprise of fans.

Kim is seen in the image wearing a pink shirt with puffy sleeves underneath a white pinafore dress, with a matching pink and white bow in her hair.

However, distance formed between the artists shortly after Kanye began dating Kim Kardashian that same year, suggesting Jay-Z wasn’t on board with the relationship.

It has been no secret that Beyonce and Kim have kept their distance from each other over the years as Kim’s now separated husband, Kanye West, famously fell out with Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z.

Previously, the men were the best of friends and collaborated with each other for their successful joint album, Watch the Throne, released back in 2011.

Their rift grew deeper however as Kanye went on tirades exposing his progressively fractured friendship with Jay-Z.


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