Dharwad: The state cabinet’s decision to bifurcate Dharwad Milk Union (DMU) by creating a separate milk union for Haveri district will cause shortage of milk in Dharwad, Gadag and Uttara Kannada districts.
DMU covers Dharwad, Haveri, Gadag and Uttara Kannada and a major part of the milk comes from Haveri. It is feared that separating Haveri from DMU and creating new Haveri Milk Union (HMU) will hit Dharwad badly.
The process of bifurcation will begin now and HMU will be functional from December 2022. Already the work on setting up an Ultra High-Pressure Pasteurization (UHP) unit at a cost of Rs 99 crore has commenced in Haveri.
DMU, established in 1984, has 12 directors with each district sending three directors. With the creation of new Haveri Milk Union, the number of directors in DMU will come down to nine while Haveri will have a new president, three directors and one managing director along with new office and staff. It is possible that additional staff from DMU will be shifted to Haveri Milk Union.
DMU gets 2.75 lakh litres of milk every day from four districts and Haveri contributes 1.75 lakh litres. The daily sale of milk from DMU is one lakh litres of which about 10,000 litres is sold in Haveri district.
When the new Haveri Milk Union becomes functional, DMU will face a shortage of milk to the extent of 1.75 lakh litres per day. Meanwhile, Haveri Milk Union will have to increase sales in Haveri district to remain economically feasible.
DMU president Shankar Mugad said the idea of bifurcating DMU and creating HMU is not new and the work has already commenced. DMU will continue to get 1.75 lakh litres of milk everyday till the end of December 2022, he said.


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