GURUGRAM: The city reported 337 new Covid cases on Tuesday, up from 186 the previous day. Two patients succumbed to the infection on Tuesday. With this, Gurugram now has a total of 1,657 active cases.
The daily positivity rate rose to 6.2% on Tuesday from 3.5% the day before. Between January 9 and 28, the positivity rate was over 20%.
Asked about the surge in cases, chief medical officer Virender Yadav said, “On Tuesday, the daily positivity was above 5 because around 100 pending Covid cases were included in the day’s tally after police verification of the patients’ addresses. The situation is still under control.”
According to the health department, 36 Covid patients are now admitted to hospitals while the rest are in home isolation. Gurugram carried out 5,375 Covid tests on Tuesday.
One of the Covid patients who died on the day was an 82-year-old fully vaccinated woman suffering from chronic kidney disease and diabetes. She was admitted to a hospital on February 2 with loss of appetite, disorientation and shortness of breath. The patient was given IV fluids, antibiotics and other supportive measures. She tested Covid positive in the hospital and had a cardiac arrest on Tuesday.
The second person who succumbed was an 80-year-old woman with chronic kidney disease and hypertension. She was admitted to a hospital on February 12 with vomiting, where she tested positive. The patient was administered IV fluids, antibiotics and other supportive measures. On Tuesday, she suddenly had a cardiac arrest. She had taken one dose of the Covid vaccine.
The city has reported 61 Covid deaths till now in 2022 — one on January 10, another on January 12, two on January 14, one each on January 15 and 16, two each on January 17, 19, 20, three on January 21, two on January 22, one on January 23, two on January 24, one on January 26, three each on January 27, 28, 29 and 30, two on January 31, two on February 1, four on February 2, three on February 3, three on February 4, one on February 5, February 6, one on February 7, two on February 8, two on February 9, two on February 11, one each on February 12 and 13 and February 14 and two on February 15.
As many as 988 Covid patients have died since the pandemic began. Of them, 667 had comorbidities.


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