Dakota Johnson slams paparazzi culture: ‘They’re sneaky vermin’
Dakota Johnson slams paparazzi culture: ‘They’re sneaky vermin’

Dakota Johnson recently launched a scathing takedown of paparazzi who have recently transformed into “invisible germs” not much different from the covid-19 virus.

Johnson weighed in on it all while interviewing with The Hollywood Reporter and was quoted saying, “They have graduated to being sneaky, sneaky vermin into pests that you can see. They’re invisible germs. They’re like COVID, horrible and deadly.”

She also went on to paint a picture and admitted, “They hide in cars. If you’re going to have that job, at least do it with some integrity. Get out of your car and take a picture.”

While attempting to describe the emotions that arise from never knowing when or where she’ll be photographed, she dubbed it “frightening” and “psycho.”

During the course of her interview, Johnson also addressed the notion of ‘you chose this career, deal with it’ and admitted, “No, no one should have to deal with that.”

“Luckily, I figured out ways to evade them, and I’m not giving away my secrets. But truly it takes a lot to have a private life.”

For anyone unversed, Johnson is the child of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and thus, has been within the public eye since she was born.

But during a past interview with OK! Magazine in 2020 she admitted that her childhood was no different to anyone else since social media wasn’t as booming.

“When I was growing up, social media didn’t exist and that’s when I learned about fame. My parents were famous people, but it was a really different version of fame back then. It was very physical. It was very loud.”

Now, “It’s much more important to me to protect my privacy and my personal life than it is for me to market myself. I value my life. I also really value my relationships and I respect them. I don’t need to flaunt myself on the internet,” she said.


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