GUWAHATI: The Assam government has submitted before Gauhati high court that families evicted from Dholpur area in Darrang district in September last year are not erosion-affected migrants as claimed in a PIL but “encroachers,” who are not eligible for rehabilitation under the state rehabilitation policy of 2020.
“The claim that the occupants of Dholpur Char and their ancestor were forced to migrate from their respective original place of residence due to devastating floods and land erosion does not exist in the revenue files,” circle officer of Sipajhar revenue circle, Kamaljeet Sarma, submitted in his affidavit in response to a PIL filed by opposition leader Debabrata Saikia.
“The evicted occupants of Dholpur area have migrated to these areas from different parts of the state and since the land in this area is fertile, they gradually occupied and grabbed the large fertile land. In the garb of being landless, some individuals have also become land grabbers,” the government affidavit added.
Accordingly, those evicted from Dholpur will be relocated “subject to verification of the status of erosion-affected and landless status in their respective original places and districts, citizenship and existing rehabilitation policy of the state,” the affidavit by the government said.
The government rules say that whenever any family becomes a victim of erosion and subsequently turns landless, they must report to the revenue authority, which are recorded in “the Gara Khahania Register” and eventually a certificate of erosion-affected and landless is issued to such genuine land holders displaced by floods or land erosion.
“However, the evicted occupants of Dholpur Char and their ancestors have never produced such certificates issued from their original place where they have claimed to have migrated from. Hence, the claim of forced migration due to flood and erosion is not true,” the circle officer submitted.
The circle officer submitted that the state government’s “The Rehabilitation Policy for erosion affected families of Assam, 2020” does not cover the displacement from the government land and it clearly states that “families occupying government lands as encroachers shall not be eligible for rehabilitation”.
The circle officer submitted that “the eviction carried out at Dholpur Char area under Sipajhar revenue circle was not at all an illegal act and the encroachers were removed as per the provision of rules framed under Assam Land and Revenue Regulation, 1886.”


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