GUWAHATI: The sale of alcohol in Guwahati increased by over 45% on the occasion of Diwali on Thursday, said excise department officials.
Manobi Das, superintendent of excise, Kamrup (Metro), said the city recorded alcohol sale to the tune of over Rs 2.56 crore on Diwali.
The excise department had expected a similar sale on the next day of Diwali on Friday as well. On an average, liquor worth over Rs 1.77 crore is sold every day in the city.
A rush of customers at liquor outlets was seen on Thursday as well as on Friday. The demand and supply of liquor started increasing on Wednesday evening in the district and reached its peak on Diwali evening on the next day.
According to sources, at many places liquor shops operated till late in the evening on Thursday. However, the excise department could not identify the shops.
The liquor shops, which had faced losses last year due to nationwide lockdown, saw a surge in sales since Durga puja celebration in October.
Meanwhile, excise department official Anup Sarma said it will take time to collect and compile sales data of all the districts and the department will be able to provide the data on Monday.


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