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In the 79th edition of Monday Review, the Times of India’s weekly home update of print news from Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, watch how the cracker ban went up in smoke on Diwali and Chandigarh’s air quality downgraded from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘severe’ in a few hours. It was also louder last year. Yes, there’s no stopping the kids but the adults also didn’t care much about the rules. After 6pm, it started to worsen. By 10pm, the AQI in Sector 22 was in the severe category The silver lining was in the 24-hour average AQI. The figure was 115 as compared with last year’s 140 recorded in Sector 25. Out of the five stations, the day’s average AQI was moderate in three, besides in the poor colonies of sectors 12 and 39. TOI did a 2020 by 2021 comparison of 24-hour average AQI on Diwali and a normal day. The newspaper also compared the air pollution readings from two observatories for Diwali night. The noise levels also shot up on Diwali. The highest deck it reached was 78 decibels in Sector 39, while the lowest was 58 in Sector 17. Last Diwali, the top level was 66. A pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage and 65% burn injuries. Chandigarh’s public hospitals recorded 71 cracker injuries on Diwali, 62% more than last year. The ban flopped in Panchkula as well. with 16 burn injury cases reported. Despite Covid-19, people didn’t stop crowding the markets. A murder happened in Panjab University. The victim, Seema Goyal, was 59 and wife of business school professor Bharat Bhushan Goyal. The murderer had tied Seema’s hands and legs. Since there was no sign of a forced entry, police theory is that it’s an insider’s job. For your TOI copy, call us at this number: 1800 121 0005. We leave you with these festive images from Diwali. Please, like, share, and subscribe, and get vaccinated.

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