Hubballi: For the convenience of the public, mainly those who are residing in Hubballi and surrounding areas, the transport department introduced a new RTO in Hubballi. However, in five years since its launch, gradually, most of the work has been transferred to the Dharwad RTO, which irked people in Hubballi and surrounding areas, as people have to go to Navanagar for driving tests, which is inconvenient for Hubballi residents. Residents have to travel 12-15 km from the city, to take the driving test.
As the Navanagar RTO office is the only one that has the facility of sensor-based driving tests, the RTO in Hubballi is sending people there for driving tests.
K Damodar, RTO, Hubballi East, said that from February 7, they have been sending people to the Rayapur Driving Testing Centre, where the driving track has advanced technologies. “With the intention to prevent the intervention of middlemen, and to avoid corruption, the commissioner for the transport department has ordered to send people for driving tests to the Rayapur centre, and we have started sending them there,” he said.
“Before this, at the Hubballi East RTO office in Gabbur Cross, nearly 50 to 60 people used to take the driving test every day. I was told that people are reluctant to go to the centre in Rayapur, as it is almost 15 km from Hubballi. To prevent road accidents and curb the practice of issuing driving licences by conducting driving tests manually, the new system of driving tests was introduced. For a few days, people may find it difficult, but they will later get used to it,” he added.
Congress leader Mohan Asundi said that it was due to the efforts of MLA Prasad Abbayya, that an RTO was opened in Hubballi, for the convenience of the public in Hubballi and surrounding areas. “It is unfortunate that RTO officials in Hubballi are sending people to Rayapur to take the driving test. We will bring the issue to the notice of the MLA,” he added.


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