Dwayne Johnson reveals why he ‘hates’ being ‘straight jacketed’

Dwayne Johnson recently highlighted his disdain towards predefined boundaries and molds.

The Rock explained his personal take on constraints while referencing the characterization given to him by Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt.

Emily’s direct quote read, “He has no boundaries whatsoever. I think he’s got this rebellious kid in him that won’t be straight-jacketed. He also happens to be a tequila swilling, fun as hell hang, and he’s got this filthiest laugh in the world”.

In response to her analysis, the actor went on to admit, “She’s right, I don’t like constraints or someone trying to make me fit a certain mold.”

After all, “If you envision it, anything can be done. And yeah my laugh is filthy as hell”.

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