Emily Ratajkowski wore her heart on her sleeve and spoke about the differences of raising a son and a daughter.

The model had welcomed her first child Sylvester Apollo with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and spoke to Elle about why she felt “so relieved” when finding out that she is expecting a boy even though she wished for a girl.

“I wanted a daughter initially, but when I found out I was having a son, I was so relieved. Because I think that it would bring up — I want more children, so it might be something I deal with later — being sexualized way before puberty and being aware of it,” she said.

“I have a memory: I did a sexy move down the wall of my parents’ kitchen. I was probably in first grade and my parents were like, ‘Where did you learn that?’ I was like, ‘I fricking learned it. That’s what women do.’ “

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