No doubt the planet is in danger. The most daring and unavoidable figure is to clamp global warming at 1.5 deg C by 2050.

That comes with pledges from 200 participating nations in an abysmally unequal world, both in resources and mindset. The acronym COP comes from “Convention of Party” that was so named to denote “party” to the participating nations in the 1992 Rio Convention.

The notable flashback to the present COP26, that is still unfolding at Glasgow till Nov 12, is the Kyoto Protocol, and the Paris Convention. The Paris Convention brought some of the previous setbacks to acceptability levels, as well as the 1.5 C s the top mark by 2050. It was the most attended in terms of participating Nations. The US under President Trump opted out.

The figure of 1.5 C of maximum temp rise globally by 2050, came from a 2018 special report studying the differences between 2 C, and 1.5 C rise.

Other changes from the Kyoto protocol were, that it was applicable to all countries, rather than the 195 signatory participating nations. It further stated that rich countries should assist the poor nations in finance and technology. The countries took pledges to implement through “Nationally Determined Contribution” and reduce emissions by set targets 2025 or 2030.

Bringing it down to how it works out for massive India, the positive comes from generating 450Gw of renewable energy by 2030.

Presently, the break-up of emission per capita is 1.9/tonne/year for India, 8.4 for China, 186 for US, 7,6 for EU.

The financial burden, $ 100bn/year.

The Indian PM asked for re-opening of “carbon credit portal”

No ‘net zero’ target duration was given, but it may settle probably by 2070.

Sure, the message must have been less than music to the developed world, but seeing India having already setting up its first EV, doing the same for once UK owned JLR, Leyland doing the EV job and finishing in Chennai, and the rising 2W segment promisingly, and in numbers by at least 3 majors, we are quick on track, but the track is too long!  Solar energy mega parks are being laid. It goes on. Only this head of state was bold enough to talk straight and on facts. He probably opened a chapter on a much larger poor world!

His background from a teaseller to the chief executive of the world’s largest democracy should impart a solemn re-look by refined minds in the west.

To correct myself, this is no east- west or rich-poor confrontation. This is no dissidence. Just the facts.

It may turn out to two different deadlines, keeping the 1.5 C in mind. We are all hanging on to this planet, somewhat like those who boarded Noah’s Ark!

There are other methods to bring down the expenses and emissions. Put a moratorium on all territorial disputes. Flying sorties on the borders, takes tankful of gas. Hegemony even if defined as an unerasable instinct, can take a backseat. We have noted the claims, and would like to address them, preferably through dialogue, but we all would have to be there, with or without Taiwan!

A world made silent through the muzzle of a tank, shall breed more such.

Dialogues shall go on. Groundwork should move faster, only Military threats and insensible killing should stop, with 1.5C tag on it. Covid has taught us enough.

I agree, that discretion is the better part of valour!

(kuch aage daawar-e-mahshar se hai ummeed mujhe
kuchh tumne mere kahne ka aitbaar kiya)                      Daag

( I have some hopes from the day of reckoning And some that you had faith in what I said)     

daawar-e-mahshar (day of rekoning)



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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