NEW YORK: Google’s staff are called Googlers. Amazon workers are known as Amazonians. So it was a conundrum for staff at Facebook, long known as Facebookers, when the firm renamed itself Meta. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and Meta’s CEO, announced a new name for his firm’s employees: Metamates.
Zuckerberg introduced the term as part of an overhaul of Meta’s corporate values. So past Facebook values like “Be bold” and “Focus on impact” are gone. In place are “Live in the future” and “Meta, Metamates, me”. For Zuckerberg, the latest values represent a fresh start. On internal forums, employees welcomed the changes. Yet in private chat, some said the slogans had a “military inspiration” or gave a sense of being “cog in a machine”. Meta declined to comment on the posts.


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