Bollywood actress Disha Patani recently took to her official Instagram account to treat her fans to an Ask Me Anything session and going by the questions and the responses, the actress had to get real candid. She did great, BTW. She fielded one question after another with such poise, while also providing much hilarity, even when the questions started getting personal after a while. On being asked by a follower to reveal her crush, she said ‘Gojo’, an anime character. When asked by a fan whom she would marry if she could, and whether she’d marry someone from the anime world, Disha happily chose an anime character and said, ‘Raizel’. To a fan who wrote, ‘Lifting weights is the same for every part then how is your upper body lean and ur legs are muscular pls help’, Disha tried her best to explain and said, ‘I guess i am quadriceps dominant and i lift heavier for my lower body as compared to my upper’. From revealing her favourite series to the project she’s currently working on in Bollywood, her favourite actor, which by the way, is Jackie Chan, to her favourite BTS songs, Disha happily answered any and all questions. However, some exchanges were funnier than others. When a fan asked her to reveal her ‘figure size’, in other words, her vital statistics, Disha simply shared a picture of a happy Panda rolling all over the grass. When asked the secret of her beauty without any makeup, she shared a picture of a man with soap foam all over his face and wrote, ‘moisturised skin’.

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