Gurgaon: To regain the trust of the farmers and generate goodwill among them, the district administration on Friday issued directions to identify all the eligible beneficiaries and bring them under the ambit of the Chief Minister Kisan and Khetihar Jeevan Suraksha Yojana, a life and accidental insurance scheme rolled out by the state government.
Deputy commissioner Yash Garg said that if a farmer or an agricultural worker becomes a victim of an accident while returning from fields, villages, market yards, and such places during agricultural work, they will get financial assistance under the welfare scheme aimed at providing livelihood support to the families of the farming communities.
“Farmers and agricultural labourers have to work day and night in the fields and they are prone to various kinds of accidents. The Chief Minister Kisan and Khetihar Jeevan Suraksha Yojana is to ensure livelihood support for such distressed families. And we need to ensure that no eligible beneficiary is left behind in Gurgaon,” said Garg.
Under the scheme, an assistance of Rs 5 lakh is given in case of accidental death, Rs 2.5 lakh in case of spinal fracture or permanent disability, Rs 1.87 lakh in case of fracture of two limbs or permanent serious injury. Similarly, in case of fracture of a limb or permanent injury, an amount of Rs.1.25 lakh will be given. For complete amputation, Rs 75,000 has been earmarked and Rs 37,000 for partial fracture of finger.
“The scheme provides assistance of Rs 5 lakh in case of accidental death. The scheme also covers various other injuries that leave a person incapable of working and earning a livelihood. In case of death, it is necessary to have a police report and post-mortem report to claim financial assistance. In case of any disability, a certificate and photo proof should be submitted along with the claim,” the DC said.


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