Whether it’s fighting over sweets or sharing chocolates, the bond of brother and sister is the most cherished one, and if you are planning a surprise for your brother on this Bhai Dooj, then we have some simple yet interesting recipes to make your Bhai Dooj feast special. So, don your chef’s hat and prepare some delicious delicacies for your brother by following these simple recipes given below.

Badam Kheer

If your brother is a fan of Kheer, then this Bhai Dooj treat him with this unique Kheer recipe. Boil 1 litre full cream milk and add 1 cup condensed milk to add a rich texture. In the meantime, dry roast almonds and cashews in ghee, and crush them coarsely. Once the milk starts reducing, add cardamom powder, saffron strands and 1 teaspoon rose water to add a distinct flavour. Lastly, add crushed nuts and serve hot.

Bhai Dooj Foods

Mirchi Vada

If your brother is a fan of pakoras, then try this simple yet spicy pakora recipe. Take a pan and add ghee, chopped onions, cumin powder, red chili powder, turmeric, amchur and coriander powder along with mashed potatoes, cook the stuffing. In the meantime, scrape out the seeds of the large chilies and add the stuffing, dip it in a batter of besan, deep dry and serve with chutney and chai.

Chocolate Barfi

This one’s for the chocolate loving brother. To make this barfi, boil full cream milk, add condensed milk, cocoa powder (sweetened), add desiccated coconut and crushed almonds for the crunch. Cook the mixture, pour over a greased tray and cut them into desired shapes and enjoy.

Mutton Kebabs

To make this quick recipe, take a pan and add some ghee, add in ginger garlic paste, minced mutton, green chili paste and chopped onions, spices and coriander leaves. Next, preheat a grill, give desired shape to the kebabs, grill them and serve hot with chutney.

Besan Ladoo

Make a quick ladoo at home. Heat a pan and add ghee, then add besan and keep cooking the mixture, till the mixture starts leaving the ghee, add some cardamom powder, powdered sugar and saffron strands. Then make the ladoos and serve.


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