Coimbatore: The forest department on Monday started treatment for a juvenile female elephant after it suffered injuries on its right hind leg in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve (ATR).
The elephant, aged around five years, is kept in a kraal (a wooden enclosure) at Varagaliyar elephant camp near Topslip. Veterinarians A Sukumar and Rajesh Kumar examined the elephant on Monday. “The wound on the elephant’s leg is large and maggots got into it. It’s foot pad is severely affected,” a forest official said.
S Ramasubramanian, conservator of forests and field director, ATR, said the wound was at least a week old and it might have happened after the elephant’s leg got stuck between rocks and the mother elephant tried forcibly to pull the elephant. The juvenile elephant was abandoned by its herd on Sunday, he said.
“Our veterinarians approached the animal with the help of six kumki elephants and then cleaned and dressed the wound. The elephant was given antibiotics, besides painkillers and B-complex drugs. We did not sedate the animal,” he said, adding that the animal will released into forest after it recovers.


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