With over 350000 international students/year, France is a major study Hub. It used not to be a preferred option for Indian students however, but has been gaining momentum among prospective students, but mostly for Master programmes. However, more and more students and parents are considering the country at earlier stage for the excellence of its academic offer, the large variety of programmes in English medium of instruction, the reasonable tuition fees and the safe environment it offers.

Management programmes in particular have raised more and more interest. Anushka, from Mumbai, was 18 years old when she joined the Bachelor in Management in Rennes School of Business, on the west coast of France, only 1.5h away from Paris. Now, recently graduated, she is a successful entrepreneur in India, founder of Wiggles, the 30 under 30 Forbes Asia Awardee, and raised over 5 million dollars at the time of graduation. A studentrepreneur, she was able to beneficiate in Rennes School of Business, France, from a very supportive and enabling environment.

So, what made her choose a UG in France, in Rennes School of Business?

Excellence recognised internationally:

Rennes School of Business is one of the 100 only Triple Accredited schools in the world (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA). Many of its programmes are among top 100 in the world (Msc in International Finance 24th in Financial Time 2021 ranking, Msc in Data and Business Analytics top 100 in QS 2021, Msc in Strategic and Digital Marketing top 100 QS 2021…). It is also the most international school in Europe with 95% of non-French Faculty, 55% of foreign students for 80 nationalities represented on campus.


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Speaking French is not a requirement, though Anushka obviously picked some over the years, and she enjoyed the relaxed yet dynamic environment that a smaller size city like Rennes could offer versus a big capital like Paris.


Learning by Doing:

One of the reasons for the worldwide recognition of the Higher Education System in France is the importance given to practical learning. For every year of studies, students are expected to do an internship, even from 1st year of Bachelor. Anushka did her 1st in the Indo German Chamber of Commerce in Pune, and then used the incubator support in the school to create her company during her 2nd year. She was able to intern in her own venture.

Students are also encouraged to join student associations like Rajas, from Nagpur, currently in his last year of Bachelor in Management. https://www.rennes-sb.com/news-programmes/rennes-sb-is-an-excellent-school-and-i-am-glad-to-have-chosen-it-for-my-education/

From his first months in Rennes SB, he joined a mechanical sport association and contributed to a record fund raising campaign of 35000 euros in a day for a cause by selling Formula 1 short rides on the iconic Le Mans circuit during a 24h challenge. All students in 2nd year of the programme need to deliver results for a NGO, which not only allow them to practice what they learn but also to gain confidence and professionalism.


Great cost/quality Ratio:

Like in India, Bachelors of Management are 3 years long in France, unlike in many English-speaking countries. But on top that, a school like Rennes School of Business is not for profit and would offer reasonable tuition fees despite its top global ranking.

The cost of living is also reasonable (6.5 Lak INR/year on average) in a city like Rennes, half less costly than Paris for a more relaxed yet very dynamic environment: Rennes was equipped with its metro line in 2002 already, only 6 months after Delhi! Today, the agglomeration is human size (8 Lak people big) and has an international airport (1 million passengers/year), the bullet train to Paris and main European cities, and 2 metro line.

On top, the government has pretty generous schemes for international students: the public health care ranked among the best in the world is accessible for free. Students below 28 years old can also avail an accommodation allowance equivalent to 30% of monthly rent. Vaccination is free and accessible for all.

An even more international:

On top, being in France, which is the only country which has maintained continuously an Air Bubble with India since 1st July 2020, ensure access to the Schengen zone during the studies, so the possibility to explore 26 countries. Rennes School of Business has exchange programmes with 350 partner universities around the globe and students in their 3rd year of Bachelor can chose to do 1 or 2 semesters abroad, or even to obtain a Double Degree.

More than ever, the world belongs to the open minded, so parents, students, Choose France, Choose Rennes School of Business. To find out more about the Bachelor in Management of Rennes School of Business, www.rennes-sb.com or contact our India representation office in Bangalore: Maud.le-bars@rennes-sb.com +918447153796

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Rennes School of Business


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