Google may give users the option to pause notification on their smartphones when they are active on the desktop client. The tech giant is in the process of rolling out several new features and this might be one of the most important ones to come on the platform.
According to a report by 9to5 Google, Gmail displayed a new option to pause notifications for mobile, while the client is active on the desktop. The tech giant, however, has not publicly documented this feature on its support pages but it was active in a test account of 9TO5 Google.
What does the notification say
Pause mobile notifications while you’re using this device
To pause Gmail mobile notifications while you’re active on this device, allow your browser to detect if you’re active or away. Click continue and allow them when prompted by your browser.
How does it work
When a user clicks on the continue option, a prompt pops up asking for permission to “know when you’re actively using this device,” after which the feature gets active.
At this point, Gmail’s settings menu does not have any option to manually enable this feature or to turn it off once it is activated.


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