Amid the investigation of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ death, her alleged final words were unearthed.

In a new report by the Los Angeles Times, the publication spoke to multiple crew members of the Rust production about the mother-of-one’s final moments.

As per the paper, a she reportedly told a boom operator: “Oh, that was no good. No, that was no good. That was no good at all”.

Hours after, she died after actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot her with a prop gun that was loaded with a live round. 

In addition the report revealed that there were at least three other “red flags” on the movie set before her tragic death. 

In one instance crew members shared that Alec’s stunt double had accidentally fired a gun that he was told was “cold”.

Another warning sign was when a young woman who was working in the props department “actually shot herself in the foot” with a blank.

In addition these instances saw no on-site medic present.

Furthermore a production worker shared: “Somebody dropped a countersink bit and it stabbed me in the hand. I had to take care of it myself and I’m still healing from it.”

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