Coimbatore: There was a let up in heavy rain throughout the day on Sunday, but only to resume later at night.
Normalcy was hit in some parts of the district. At Mettupalayam, where flood water engulfed an entire village, cutting road transportation between Lingapuram and Gandhiayur, a motor boat was deployed to ferry people. Revenue officials at Mettupalayam and Sirumugai town panchayats said the motor boat would be operated till the water subsides and people could use the overbridge that remains submerged now. “Public can utilize the boat for travelling to and from the village.”
There was sporadic rain at Valparai, keeping most of the residents, particularly those in the tea estates, indoors during the day.
In a rain-related calamity, a tiled roof house collapsed on Bazaar Street at Puliakulam. The house, which belonged to Arokiya Mary, was more than four decades old. Fortunately, no one was inside the house when the wall collapsed, bringing down the whole structure.
Most of the roads in the city are damaged because of the incessant rain for the past several weeks. Some of them, including Sanganur-Nallampalayam stretch, are totally unmotorable, forcing the residents to stage a novel protest to draw the attention of officials. The residents, led by Kannappa Nagar Traders’ Association president P Lingam, planted saplings in the water stagnating potholes on the road. If the weather forecast is anything to go by, there would be cloudbursts on Monday as well. Santhosh Krishnan, an independent weather blogger, said moderate to heavy rain was expected on Monday too over most parts of Kongu belt. “Rain will reduce a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday,” he said in a social media post. He suggested that farmers could use Wednesday for spraying pesticides. “Heavy rain will return again by Thursday and continue for next 10 days.”
He has also requested people, who are planning to return to Chennai after Diwali from their hometowns, to avoid the travel for a week if possible, as the rain situation was worsening there.



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