With Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan witnessing mass exodus of Hindus and their elimination, Kashmir has turned into a Diwali-less Hindu desert. More and more Hindus in India are becoming non-practising ones amid a well planned Christian-Islamic push to transform India into a Diwali-Holi-Pongal-Pujo less land. Naïve Hindus celebrated the shrinking festival with a show of defying cracker ban as their ultimate signature of bravery and courage.

A close relative, whose son is in Doon School, Dehradun, is sad that this year the school did not permit their son to come home for Diwali nor the parents were allowed to visit him due to “Covid restrictions’. It happened in several thousand public schools all over India.

Hindu parents didn’t know if the Hindus boys celebrated the festival with proper puja and festivities, or if they were taken to a temple, or told the story of Rama vanquishing Ravana and returning to Ayodhya victoriously.

Maybe they had some lights and phuljharis as a small-time tamasha. But this doesn’t happen during Christmas when Christian students, along with the Hindus are taken to the Church to celebrate the festival as it should be.

A growing number of influential, rich and powerful Hindus are slowly distancing themselves from Hindu festivities as a mark of ‘higher levels of environmental consciousness, modernity and signs of clean-civil living’. For them Laxmi-Ganesh, pandit coming home for puja and crackers etc. are all part of a rejectable futile karmkand, a ‘Brahamanical’ thread that has lost its relevance in the modern world.

Our education system, especially the NCERT books coupled with the Christian schools’ London-managed curriculum, authored and controlled by the British, has contributed a lot in de-Indianizing Indians or more precisely de-Hinduising Hindus in India.

A cursory look at the books prescribed in these high-profile, most expensive and sought-after schools by the top decision makers of India shows that while Britain dominates the themes of these text books, the eastern world, so much influenced by Hindu civilisational philosophy and so vigorously presented as a high mark of contemporary India’s foreign policy, is completely blacked out.

Neither the struggles of the tribal heroes like Birsa Munda, Alluri Sitaram Raju or Rani Gaidinliu or the detailed description of their freedom struggle against the British find a mention in these books.

Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews formed a full chapter as it suited the British foreign policy. But there is no mention of the Portuguese persecution of the Hindus for four hundred years. The labelling of northeastern tribes as head hunters and massacres of Hindu tribals in areas like Mangarh, Rajasthan (Govind Guru). The persecution of Birsa Munda’s followers in Jharkhand  by British rulers doesn’t find a single line in our contemporary text books.

None should be surprised to see that even today Russian Bolshevik revolution and Stalin’s regime are looked with a touch of awe and appreciation through quotes of Shaukat Usmani (Maulla Bux Usta, 1901–1978), a member of the émigré Communist Party of India, established in Tashkent in 1920, and a founding member of the Communist Party of India (CPI). (https://peoplepill.com/people/shaukat-usmani)

Writing about him in Outlook (September 17 , 2014, https://www.outlookindia.com/outlooktraveller/travelnews/story/46361/an-indian-revolutionarys-trip-to-the-soviet-union), Benjamin Zachariah says – “As a young man, he heeded the calls of the Hijrat movement in the early 1920s to leave India, ruled by British infidels and therefore not a country for Muslims to live in.”

NCERT text book prescribed for Class IX finds it useful to quote from his travelogue a full paragraph in praise of the Bolshevik revolution but I could not find a single line about the quotes of Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel or Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya on the impact of Communist revolution in Russia or China and the resultant massacres in India and Cambodia inspired by Communist extremism.

Such text books were prepared under the overall supervision of M Siraj Anwar, a known Communist in 2007, as he was the head of the Publication Division of the NCERT. They are still continuing.

People trained in these narratives mock Hindus, make serials like  Ashram, corrupt Tagore’s stories and show a Hindu girl offering Namaz and hate Diwali as a festival of noise and pollution.

De-Indianisation of the Indian students through such Indian text books directly impacts the Hindu students who form the largest number of the religious groups in schools and who get transformed to distance from their Hindu roots, Indian historical truths and look alarmingly at Hindu festivities through the eyes of the Colonial historians highlighting  the same heathen and pagan outlook that had irritated Vivekananda a hundred years before.

Then there is a growing aggressive proselytization and humiliation of the Hindus in several states where Christians dominate the political governance.

Instances of Christians in Tirupati management, control of southern temples by atheists and communists, marginalisation of non-Christian population like Reangs, Hozangs, Chakmas in Christian dominated states in the northeast, rapidly increasing proselytization in Arunachal and killings, rapes, targeting  Hindus who chose a saffron party in recent Bengal elections have further impacted negatively on Hindu morale.

See this scenario juxtaposing pictures of Hindu poor labourers selectively targeted in already a Hindu-desert of the valley and you will see how hollow celebration of Diwali in the heartland means.

Spineless Hindu intellectuals haven’t dared to write a single chapter on the assaults of the Naxalites – Maoists and Church outfits like NSCN on Hindus – though we keep teaching ten to twelve page chapters on Bolshevism, Periyar and China’s spectacular progress in our state approved textbooks.

Nazi persecution of the Jews must be told but so should be the Jihadi persecution of the Hindus in Kashmir. Why has this not been done?

Delhi was massacred by Islamic invaders eighteen times. No text book mentions it but NCERT book shows the gas chambers and the railway coaches used to persecute the Jews. They showcase Bolshevik posters and French Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen of 1789, British ‘sahebs’ with Gandhi on History book’s cover page but not a single word or picture about Netaji’s declaration of Indian govt in exile in Singapore or the shelter given by Indian Hindus to Jews and Parsis a millennium before. Indians are shown on the same cover page of the history text book as slaves with an elephant. The 2021 Indian student must read what the British think in London. How can they be respectful to Diwali?

Once Diwali was celebrated with full gaiety in Kabul and entire Afghanistan during Hindushahi period – when Hindus ruled the region. But not any more. There are no diyas now.

It was celebrated in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, Karachi – it’s a dead silence now.

It was a great festival in East Bengal, but we saw a barbaric massacre and plunder of the Hindus in Bangladesh just recently.

Nepal was once the only living Hindu nation in the world and Diwali is their main festival – Tyohar. It has ceased to be a constitutionally Hindu nation with help from those European Christian countries who still follow constitutional monarchies rooted in Christian practices.

It is facing the worst ever assault by global Christian agencies to proselytise poor, hill tribes and urban Nepalese. It’s a fashion now to distance from Hindu signs and get closer to the western Christian practices as a mark of new advancement into modernity.

A report says that soon Muslims will outnumber Hindus in the region. We can imagine what will happen to the Diwali celebrators then, seeing when a state within India becomes a Muslim majority it doesn’t show any love and accommodating attitude for Hindus.

The report, partly quoted in the Hindu says – “India and Nepal were the only countries in which a majority of the population were Hindus in 2010, and they are expected to be the only Hindu-majority countries in 2050. In 2010, Hindus were the largest religious group in the Asia-Pacific region. By 2050, however, the number of Muslims in the region is expected to surpass the number of Hindus.” ( https://www.pewforum.org/2015/04/02/hindus/ )

No Hindus will be left in Bangladesh 30 years from now if the current rate of “exodus” continues, as on an average 632 people from the minority community leave the Muslim-majority country each day, according to an eminent economist. (https://www.thehindu.com/news/international/No-Hindus-will-be-left-in-Bangladesh-after-30-years-professor/article16675228.ece ) “The rate of exodus over the past 49 years points to that direction,” Dhaka Tribune quoted Dr Abul Barkat, a Dhaka university professor, as saying.

Hindus have become habituated to see their massacres and come to terms with those who look down at them contemptuously, celebrate the savage Moghuls by having a national  garden named as Moghul, ignore daily killings of the Hindus who die just for being a Hindu in an independent, powerful nation, see no one getting punished in a befitting manner when Hindus are assaulted in Kerala or Bengal and keep a studied silence on the extraordinary pace of conversions in Punjab or Arunachal.

A massive de-Hinduisation in India through a British-leftist- Jihadi influenced education system is furthered by the growing persecution of the Hindus in several parts of India as well as in neighbouring countries that has resulted in the fading away of Hindu festivities in these areas.

That’s what I see as the shrinking space of Diwali.

Rest is all fine. We will keep celebrating it till the last Hindu remains here as those who are still braving the rough tides in Karachi.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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