Last year, Apple launched a new tracking device called AirTag. Since its launch, the gadget has made it to the news several times due to its felonious usage by criminals. We saw numerous reports across the globe in which the Apple AirTag was used for stalking purposes. To address this issue of unwanted tracking, Apple AirTag and Find My network accessories have unique Bluetooth identifiers that change frequently. This helps prevent you from being tracked from place to place. This safety feature has now reportedly led to a man’s arrest in the US.
As per a report by WXPI News, a man named Ronald Roessler was arrested by the police after he was charged with stalking via AirTag and violation of a protection-from-abuse order. The report reveals that the victim received an alert on her iPhone that an AirTag is travelling with her. Once she discovered the device in the trailer hitch of her vehicle, she contacted the police. The report also mentions that Roessler already had a protection-from-abuse order against him. He was also later released on bond.
The arrest of the stalker was possible due to one of the safety features offered by the Apple AirTag to avoid unwanted tracking. The tech giant also recently rolled out a series of new features to make AirTags more safe to use and to boost anti-stalking measures.
A few months ago, the New York Police Department also issued a ‘warning’ to the city residents over misuse of AirTags. According to an old report by 9to5Mac, West Seneca police department in New York got two cases of AirTag being misused. The first one was a female who reported that she got a notification about an Apple AirTag moving with her. The police found an AirTag under the bumper of the woman’s car, states the report.


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