Pink shares loving tribute to late dad Jim: ‘I only knew you for 42 years’
Pink shares loving tribute to late dad Jim: ‘I only knew you for 42 years’

Pink turns to social media with a heartfelt post that highlighted her pain and adoration for the father she “only knew for 42 years this time.”

For those unversed, Pink’s father, a Vietnam veteran died a few years ago, after a long a drawn-out battle with prostate cancer.

Pink’s note to Instagram included a photograph of his gravesite that outlined his gravestone as well as the chocolate doughnuts and birthday candle.

The post’s caption tugged at heartstrings and read, “Dad. I only knew you for 42 years this time That’s a long time That’s not that long”.

“When I reach into my memories of us to try to understand our relationship I remember our fights first. Screaming. Crying. Misunderstanding”.

“And then like a parallel universe Simultaneously I remember the way you would pat my hand and say “aww” to remind me to be gentler, To remind me that I was Nicer than that thing I said.”

“How you would tell me that the world was out to get me, but that the world was full of animals that needed our help. Nature that needed to be revered. Silence that needed to be listened to.”

“You taught me that no fight was too small, except the ones that chipped away at your soul. I don’t even know that I can handle the cold hard truth that I miss you yet.”

“I wanna still act like this is one of those times that I’m busy and not calling. I can’t feel this yet. You would’ve been 76 today. And I’m ashamed”.

“To say that I’m not sure I remembered to send a card. You and i’s hearts have always been a bit broken. And you’re the only one that understood that without having to talk about it.”

“I don’t know where you are. And therefore I don’t know where I am either. Anyways Happy birthday Daddy Sir. Gone but not forgotten. I won’t miss you yet. I’m not ready.”


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