LONDON: A student from Delhi who plays baseball for a Kyiv club and his 19-year-old pregnant wife fled the Ukrainian capital, grabbing two baseball bats to use as weapons as they left.
Narender Kumar (27) arrived in Ukraine in October to do a Ukrainian language course at the MAUP (Interregional Academy of Personnel Management) ahead of starting a bachelor’s in PE. He is also a softball coach.
“I grabbed two baseball bats in case someone attacked us, took money and we fled without any possessions,” he said.
He and his eight-month pregnant wife, Aarohi, rushed to the station as air raid sirens were blaring, took a train to Lviv and from there a taxi costing $700 (Rs 52,000). The cab driver could not get them to the Polish border so they had to walk the final 35 km. A Ukrainian woman gave them a lift for 10 km. At the checkpoint border personnel told them they cannot cross and “Ukrainians go first”, so they sat on the road. “A Ukrainian woman gave a blanket and food to my wife. We saw around 4,000 Indian students waiting,” Kumar said, adding the border personnel were rude to Indians and he witnessed fights with Africans.
“After eight hours we were allowed to join the line and stood in that for six hours. There was lots of pushing and shoving and my wife got punched in the stomach three times. Finally we entered Poland where the Indian embassy has been fantastic. But my wife has pain in her stomach so now she is in hospital. Indian students in Ukraine are facing the real thing and we support Ukraine. It is only some Indians in India who support Russia,” he said.


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