Amid the festivities for Pakistan’s glorious win in the clash between its biggest cricket rival, India, celebrations in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir showed the most fervour.

Videos going viral on social media featured overjoyed Kashmiris who were unable to contain their pleasure over Pakistan’s victory. 

To express their excitement, Kashmiris took to the streets in the IOJK and changed slogans of “jeevay jeevay Pakistan“, “Pakistan Zindabad” [long live Pakistan], “Pakistan meri jan” [Pakistan my life] and “Allah o Akbar” [Allah is the Greatest], to express exhilaration over the victory.

In one of the videos, the Kashmiri citizens, filled with patriotism, were seen waving the Pakistani flags on the streets.

The celebrations, studded with fireworks, showcased the loyalties and love of Kashmiris for Pakistan.  


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