Belagavi: The prison department has launched a literacy programme across 101 prisons in the state to achieve literacy among inmates.
For instance, in Hindalga prison, 181 inmates do not know how to read and write Kannada. The literate prisoners will teach them Kannada alphabets, sentence formation and basic grammar. The adult education department has supplied books and will also pay the trainers educating the illiterates.
The programme was kick-started on Monday and has received good response from prisoners with jails donning the look of schools. The inmates are enthusiastically taking part in the programme and some are learning the alphabets very fast.
The department has identified hundreds of educated inmates who have completed SSLC, PUC and graduation and assigned them to groups for teaching. The sessions are conducted both in day and night hours at the barracks. The trainers and students are provided with pencils and books to write down the letters. The aim is to make them read and write before they leave the prison.
Hindalga central prison chief superintendent of police Krishna Kumar told TOI that the programme is executed jointly with the adult education department. “Now it is in the nascent stage and currently attracting more prisoners both to learn and teach. The trainers are paid a handsome remuneration for their work by the government. The programme is run across 101 prisons in the state,” he said.
In Hindalga, there are over 100 inmates who have completed SSLC and 18 have completed BA. “We are seeing them as resources to engage in the programme. If the scheme continues as we anticipate, then thousands of inmates will become literates. We also have a community radio in the prison, and it is an added advantage for the programme,” he added.


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