Jennifer Garner talks about consuming the right amount of alcohol
Jennifer Garner talks about consuming ‘the right amount’ of alcohol

Jennifer Garner is detailing her journey towards moderate alcohol consumption during COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking with friend Judy Greer in an Instagram Live session,the two friends touched on their different drinking routines. Garner revealed that she has a glass “almost every night” whereas Greer says that she prefers drinking over the weekend.

Garner then revealed that her alcohol consumption increased significantly after welcoming children Violet, 15, and Seraphina, 12; and son Samuel, 9, with ex-husband Ben Affleck,.

“It was just like that little sip that I would have, and it felt like I’d earned it and I deserved it,” she said. “And then it feels like it’s become part of a code among moms, ‘Your wine, oh my gosh, you must be dying to have it!'”

The pandemic gave the 49-year-old a chance to reflect on her habits.

“I started thinking, I’m having a little bit every night and especially during the pandemic,” she said. “If I have half a glass every night, and if my half a glass is probably really a glass, that’s seven glasses a week, and say I have two on the weekends, then suddenly I’m close to 10 glasses of wine a week! And that raises your risk for cancer — it’s like, gosh, what is the right thing to do? What is the right amount?”

Garner thus decided to quit drinking for 10 weeks with occasional cheat days.


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