Jeremy Renner jokes Chris Hemsworth stole Thor’s hammer from film set

The Hollywood actor, Jeremy Renner, revealed his fun moments with Marvel costar on set during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ahead of his series Hawkeye’s release, the 50-year-old star opened up about captivating costumes of Avengers and shared that many costars took the stuff from the set.

However, he on the other hand never even brought any of the props out of the set.

The Wind River actor jokingly called Chris Hemsworth a ‘dirtbag’ for stealing Thor’s hammer.

Renner said, “I never took anything ’cause they asked us not to and my mom taught me, well… So I never took anything, right? All the Avengers took stuff, the dirtbags! They stole something. Thor’s got his hammer.”

Talking about his upcoming show’s costume, the Iron Man actor said, “So I finally asked after doing the TV series because I got asked to be the valet guy at my daughter’s school.”

“They need help when you drop off your kid at school, they need an adult … So I said, ‘Fine, if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it dressed as Hawkeye,” added the star.

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