Johnny Depp receives massive love and support in Italy

Hollywood star Johnny Depp received massive love and support in Italy as he has lots of fans outside the country, especially in Rome where he’s a rock star.

Depp, who has recently divorced Amber Heard, appeared at the premiere of his new animated TV series, “Puffins,” at the Rome Film Festival on Sunday,  hitting the red carpet with a swarm of people cheering him on and singing his praises from afar as he graciously waved and played along.

The dashing actor is grateful for these folks having his back … taking his time to acknowledge everyone, bowing down to them at one point, and blowing kisses to everyone screaming his name. 

Usually, celebs might just pose for the camera’s front and center, but here … he gave everyone on the outskirts a nod of appreciation.

It’s a fascinating dynamic — especially as it relates to his public perception on the home front … where the guy has claimed he’s been blacklisted and ostracized over his defamation case in the UK, which effectively saw him branded as a “wifebeater” against Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp was quickly fired from projects he was attached to at the time — and hasn’t been able to land a mainstream Hollywood gig since … and yet, many Europeans still welcome him with open arms — while seemingly harboring hostility toward AH … as we’ve recently seen.


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