The couple, according to what astrologer Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad predicted, will be starting a family soon

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker cannot wait to sign their lives away, after a magical proposal by the latter. 

The couple, according to what astrologer Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad, known as Esoteric Esa predicted, will be starting a family soon.

“Things will move fast for them,” Esa revealed. “There is huge potential for them to have at least one child together and I would say a boy is more likely based off their charts.”

As for their wedding, Esa predicted they would pick a date that is timed perfectly with several cosmic events, best for their nuptials.

“If I were to advise them on a marriage date I would encourage them to elope sometime after December 19th when Chiron in Aries goes direct,” the podcast host explained.

“A January wedding during Capricorn season feels right based on their charts. They could potentially do a short engagement and marry around the Cancer full moon on January 17th or so, around that time frame,” she added.

“They’re definitely past-life soulmates because Barker’s Scorpio Sun aspects Kardashian’s 8th house of Scorpio,” Esa previously told Life & Style.

“The 8th house is the house of past-lives and is traditionally ruled by Scorpio. His sun hitting her 8th house allows them to be compatible in intimacy, exploring their darker aspects of their personalities. Her changing her style to a more punk/rock personal is totally his Scorpio Sun letting her 8th house of Scorpio experiment in confidence,” she added. 


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