Kristen Stewart, Dylan Meyer are deeply in love
‘Kristen Stewart, Dylan Meyer are deeply in love’

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer after supporting each other during Covid-19, fell ‘deeply in love’, revealed Hollywood Life.

As per the reports, the newly-engaged couple had initially met eight years ago on a film’s set. “After running into Dylan again after 6 years, Kristen has been the happiest that her friends have ever seen her,” the outlet quoted its source.

The source also revealed that Meyer inspired and encouraged the Twilight alum to do better in her career.

“Dylan pushes and motivates her to be the best actor she can be and she’s given her so much strength and support,” the magazine wrote.

As per the reports, the pair sparked perfect chemistry during the quarantine.

The outlet revealed, “They have been each other rock through the horror of COVID and their bond has become so strong because of this pandemic, walking through the fear together, etc.”

“They are literally one. They fell deeply and honestly in love and everyone who knows Kristen knows that this is for life. There is no doubt,” it added.


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