Gurgaon: The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is scaling up the Centralized Integrated Water Management System (CIWMS) to monitor and control water distribution from the GMDA office near Huda City Centre. As part of the scale-up, GMDA will connect 428 underground tanks to the CIWMS, in addition to the 32 underground tanks connected to the system during a pilot run. The project is expected to cost Rs 16.69 crore.
The pilot, which kicked off in June last year, involved 32 tanks in a 15km stretch from the water treatment plant (WTP) at Basai to Dundahera village. GMDA had spent Rs 1.88 crore on the pilot but officials said that it improved water supply monitoring and billing, as well as curtailed non-revenue water losses to only 20%. The data for earlier non-revenue water losses isn’t available.
The scale-up, said GMDA officials, will include provisioning an electromagnetic flow meter, water control valve, level sensor, remote terminal unit and power supply at each of the underground tanks. In addition, a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system will help the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) to monitor and control water levels, as well as collect and analyse data.
With the CIWMS, GMDA can ensure that water is equitably distributed among the tanks from its remote, centralised office. The CIWMS will also allow GMDA to send out accurate water bills based on the exact quantity of water received by each consumer. The authority will be able to prevent leakage of water from tanks, as well as unauthorised access to water, helping to reduce non-revenue water losses. Lastly, officials can easily shut down connections if bills are unpaid. Consumers, on the other hand, can also get a more accurate reading of their water usage.
“Gurgaon gets water from the Yamuna; the Yamuna water goes to the Basai and Chandu Budhera water treatment plants, where it gets converted into drinking water. Then through pipelines, it goes all across Gurgaon. The aim is to use technology to improve the distribution, monitoring, and control of this water,” said a senior GMDA official, who did not want to be named.
The tanks GMDA is targeting are located along various pipelines of sub city I and II of the GMDA.
“Tenders are in place as are the rates since we have already run a pilot. Now, we are only scaling up the project. However, we have sought public opinion on the project and allotted two weeks for the same. We expect to have feedback some time in November and based on that, the project will be scaled up,” said the official.


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