Belagavi: A 50-year-old man has installed a five-foot statue of his deceased wife in his home this Diwali and fed over a thousand villagers.
Shivaji Chaugale’s wife, who worked as councillor in 2013 in city, succumbed to pneumonia in May. While Chaugale was in bed suffering from Covid, his spouse, Maina Bai took care of him despite poor health.
Maina was socially active and helped several people in and around Maragai Nagar and other areas in ward number 45 where she had been elected as a corporator.
After her death, Chaugale went into depression. The couple has a 12-year-old-daughter.
As he slowly recovered from the loss, he decided to build a statue for his wife and install it in his home. Chaugale said he contacted an astrologer to fix a date for the installation. He was advised to make it a grand event.
Chaugale has also set up a foundation in her name to help the poor and destitute as Maina used to do.
He asked Chennabasava Kumbar from the Kapileshwara temple area to make the statue with plaster of Paris.
From Kapileshwara, the statue was brought to Chaugale’s home in a chariot and hundreds of local people gathered to watch this.
After the event, thousands attended the feast.
Chaugale said the statue was installed in his wife’s room and every day he and local people would offer puja.


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