Meghan Markle has been slammed for needing some ‘major rebranding’ if she intends to become a ‘relatable author’ following online ridicule over video reading for The Bench.

Royal commentator Neil Sean made this claim on his personal YouTube channel and was quoted saying, “The biggest problem for Meghan and her advisors is how do they make her relatable to the people that they want to buy the book, that is the tricky bit.”

“Now this particular interview on YouTube saw Meghan looking wonderful, basking in wonderful sunlight, but of course it was drawn to the fact that she was wearing a lot of expensive jewellery and an expensive watch.”

“If you’re trying to sell a book to children, that’s not really relatable. Now what we can tell you, is that they’re going to be rebranding Meghan as something of a more warm and comfy, open, relatable author.”

“We’re not quite sure exactly what their plans are, but The Bench isn’t the only children’s book that she has up her sleeve, apparently there are more.”


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