Pakistan captain Babar Azam (left) and former England captain Michael Vaughan. Photo: File
Pakistan captain Babar Azam (left) and former England captain Michael Vaughan. Photo: File

Pakistanis had a field day throwing light jabs at former England skipper Michael Vaughan Tuesday after he misspelt Babar Azam’s name in a tweet. 

That was all Pakistani Twitter needed to make light of the situation and take digs at the former English skipper. 

After Azam scored yet another half-century in the T20 World Cup, Vaughan took to Twitter to praise the Pakistani skipper.

“Babar Adam,” tweeted Vaughan with numerous clapping emojis to applaud the batsman, getting his name wrong. 

Pakistanis gave the commentator and cricket analyst a taste of his own medicine. 

Twitter user Mysh used a Rajpal Yadav meme to urge Vaughan to apologise for the error. 

Another Twitter account, “The One Who Knocks” wondered what was the point of being born in England when one could not even get a simple spelling correct. 

Usama Latif gave the former England captain some of his own medicine, changing his name to “Michael Awan”. 

Chaudhry Ameer Faraz offered to handle some of Vaughan’s “security issues”. 

Malik Shaukat jokingly egged on the national cricket team to take “revenge” on England for the spelling error. 

Twitter account @DaBeardguy turned Vaughan into a Vagon.

Twitter account VKIndia_100 referred to the commentator as “Cycle” Vaughan. 

Babar Azam broke a few records against Namibia when he scored yet another half-century. 

Babar and Rizwan scored 113 runs for the first wicket partnership against Namibia, their 5th century-stand as batting partners — the most by any batting partners ever in the shortest format of the game.

They surpassed the Indian duo of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan and New Zealand’s Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson — both have scored four centuries in their partnerships.

The Pakistani openers also became the first ever batting partners in the world to amass 1,000 partnership runs in a calendar year. They’ve scored 1,041 runs this year in 17 partnerships.

Babar Azam, with his 70 off 49 in the innings, broke Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s record as well. He now holds the record of most 50+ scores as a captain in T20Is.

Babar now has 14 50+ scores, including one 100+ score, one more than Kohli. The Indian captain has posted 13 scores of 50 or more.

The flamboyant batsman from Pakistan has now scored 2,402 runs in 60 T20I innings in his career — the most by any batsman at this stage of his T20I career. Kohli, by comparison, had scored 2,167 runs after first 60 T20I innings in his career.

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