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Finding the right movers and moving services has never been easier!


Why Al Awais Movers is Best Home Movers and Packers in UAE
With over 2 decades worth of experience, Al Awais Cargo Packaging Services has revolutionized the way your home moves. From across the town to across the country, from a residential complex to a commercial one, we treat your things like our own. We treat you as our family. When you are out and about engaged in your shifting business, we stand by you looking after all your moving needs!

At Al Awais Cargo Packaging Services, we help create a stress-free moving experience for you. We offer reputed graceful moving services for your residential and commercial property. We help you settle down, every day, in every corner of Dubai. No floor scares us!

Our expertise is going to take care of all your belongings, no matter how big or how small they are. Among our moving services, we offer you expert packing, unpacking, shipping (transportation logistics), loading and moving boxes and also other short-term and long term storage shipping needs. We are your planners for your relocation! We plan out each and every move meticulously. We have tailor-made solutions to suit your needs and techniques to curate moving strategies especially for you.

We know how difficult moving can be. It is one of the most stressful things in the world where you are constantly worried about every minor item in your home. But fret not, Al Awais Movers is always there for you, in all your needs. We will manage your relocation stress like no one else ever can!

As a full time licensed house moving company in Dubai, we allow our experience to speak for us. We allow you to speak for us, for all the valuable time you saved in your life, without having to worry, without being stressed out, without having a backache lifting off heavy boxes, and without having a drop of sweat on your forehead! You could move your entire home and we would stand by you, handling every item around your Abu Dhabi residence and beyond.

As our beloved client, you would never have to lift a finger! We will handle everything. From clothing, to your porcelain, to your furnishings and all your expensive art collections, we will transport everything to your new home and unpack it beautifully to give you a turnkey experience! We are your one stop moving experience, probably a mall, where you can find everything for all your needs! Our best in class service and our efficiency explains that!

When You Invest Your Time and Patience With Us for Your House Shifting Services in Dubai, You Get –
Efficient professionals for your home moving needs Trustworthy and reliable people Trouble-free relocation experience Practical solutions to all major and minor needs Professional expertise with you at all times.Friendly yet professional home moving services Timely relocation
It might sound impossible, but trust us, it is not!

Go over our reviews and you shall know about our efficiency and capabilities, all from the mouths of our trusted customers!

We believe in creating not just business relations with you, but in creating long lasting relationships.

Residents have rated us as the best home movers and packers in Dubai! We are the movers you can trust!

Moving your home can be an overwhelming process. Doing it alone can be even more problematic.

This is why you need us! Experience an innovative way to shift houses in Dubai!

At Al Awais, we help you move and go places, quickly and easily. We offer world-class home shifting service to our huge client base at affordable prices. We are licensed and insured professional movers who are always on the move to make you happy!

Our services tend to stand out among the best shifting, relocating and packing-unpacking services in the UAE. Our services are perceived to be exceptionally great for multiple reasons, one of them being we tend to fulfill our solicitations punctually and in a disciplined manner.

We Give You Transparency
At Al Awais, we provide an instant and transparent quote and booking facility to make sure we never restrict or hamper your moving experience, especially when you are in a rush. You could call us in the last moment and we would still be there for you helping you out in every possible way. We would never deviate from anything we have already promised you.

We will never go hide anything from you. We are loud and clear in our approach! Our professionals ensure that you, our beloved clients, experience a stress free shifting experience in the least possible time, along with a comprehensive risk coverage.

We Can Move You Anywhere You Want Anywhere You Want
At Al Awais, we provide house shifting services in Dubai, in all corners of the world. Yes! We can move you within the Emirates and we can move you beyond borders. We can practically move you anywhere. Our expertise, our logistics, our networks, everything backs this claim!

We Provide
Local Moving services Commercial moving services International moving services
We are proud to offer you our extensive storage solutions that are going to further enhance your moving experience by a few notches. We are geared to face every possible problem that one can come across and give you ultimate solutions to anything and everything. Our storage facilities for your residential move or your commercial mover is something you will always enjoy. We have extensive secure warehouses, which are climatically controlled, ready to take your valuables in, in its safe custody. We have a caring team of professionals who are going to aid you during the process.

We Are Licensed and Experienced Home Mover and Packer
As a full time licensed home movers and packers in Dubai, we allow our experience to speak for us. With us, you are in a ride for saving all your valuable time and energy, which you would have otherwise drained while being invested in your complicated home moving and relocation plan.

We will help you get rid of the sweat and the backaches home relocation can bring you. We can move your entire home while you can take a backseat, relax and enjoy with your loved ones.You can reminiscence while we do your hard work.

From clothing, to your porcelain, to your furnishings and all your expensive art collections, we will transport everything to your new home and unpack it beautifully to give you a turnkey experience! We are your one stop moving experience, probably a mall, where you can find everything for all your needs! Our best in class service and our efficiency explains that!

When you Invest Your Time and Patience With Us For Your House Shifting Services in Dubai, You Get –
Efficient professionals for your home moving needs Trustworthy and reliable people Trouble-free relocation experience Practical solutions to all major and minor needs Professional expertise with you at all times.Friendly yet professional home moving services Timely relocation

Home Local Movers in UAE
Most Trusted and Reliable Local Movers and Packers in Dubai
Relocating your Base in Dubai:
Dubai is dazzling and global city of U.A.E that has become suggestive for its skyscrapers and high rise towers. Frequent visitors, travelers and tourists are engaged to the city of Dubai, which is filled with massive malls, shops and frequent business hubs. majority of people think of shifting their base to Dubai for different motive such as for a job/ business opportunities or getting a good accommodation to live in. Relocating your base in this busy city of Dubai is examined to be a restless task in which one should sustain a good temper, determination and patience. But even a perfect human being will feel strained and loaded during a moving process.

Assistance of experience movers and packers in Dubai:
In this framework one of the most talented movers in Dubai- Al Awais Movers will offer you industry best moving and packing services that will result in a hassle free relocation. Being one of the most talented movers and packers in UAE, we very well understand your relocation needs whether it is for commercial or residential as well as focus on providing you safe, secured ,reliable and fast relocation that will cut down your tension. Whether looking for a local move, long distance move with us you will get the support of expert movers in UAE. Our highly skilled staff is talented enough in providing high quality service with best efforts and will examine every dimension of your move to offer a smooth operation. Most of the satisfied clients have highly praised the packing and moving service for home and office move and whole heatedly awarded us the most capable home & office movers in Dubai.

Our Secure Packing Services:
We focus effectively on your needs of securing your valuable things, for which provide top quality packing services. Most admired movers and packers in Dubai, UAE- Al Awais Movers uses the best quality packing materials and tricks that will make sure any crystal, graceful glassware, figurines, paintings and ornamental are attention well during the moving. From bubble wraps, soft papers to the best quality cartons, we will protect your things are safe well and reached safely at the drop of location.

House Shifting Services UAE
Moving to a new home is definitely not an easy task. You will pack your things, which can be time-consuming. Some materials are good as waste and you’ll need to spend time to figure out which ones must go to the bin. A lot of decision-making needs to be done and that’s where we can help out. We have a team of professionals home movers in Dubai who can handle different types of moves for different needs.

From the moment you call, we will handle every aspect of your move, from the preliminary preparation to the actual packing and transport and finally, to the unpacking at your new residence, where we will ensure that every item will be placed just where you want it. We maintain close coordination between the various members of your moving team, from the packers to the transport group, to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.

Our dedicated and committed team puts heart and soul into the entire packing and moving process. Packing materials like tubular packing and high quality corrugated sheets are used to provide complete safety to your precious household items and protection against any kind of breakages during transition.

Your New Home Awaits Your Presence. You Have To Be Ready!
You probably have marked your days on your calendar, when you are going to move, how many days are still left. You might have had all your items ready to simply move out of your old home into your new home. But hey! Your packing is still left and there are multiple things to still look out for.

How Are Going To Micromanage It All?
It is a chore when it comes to starting a new chapter of your life this hectic. This is why you need us.

From planning to implementation, you do need the best house movers in UAE.

We Are Pioneers!
With over decades worth of experience, we have managed to carve out a leading name for ourselves, as the best house shifting services in UAE. We move everything, from simple studio apartments, to grand homes, villas, suites, even penthouses and mansions. We are the solution to every house relocation problem you have.

Specialists at your Disposal
We are specialists in what we do. This is what our experience and expertise has given to us in all these years. We specialise in all kinds of moves and relocation, be it local or international. You could be moving to any part of the Emirates, or even beyond that, we are going to be there for you. We will stand by your side to make sure you are relaxed when moving to a new home. We are the most reliable house movers and packers in UAE, you are going to come across.

Transparent and Reasonable Costs
At Al Awais, we believe in keeping things transparent with you. Therefore, when we are analyzing your items and talking to your about your needs and wants, we also talk to your about the costs and other terms, in advance so that there is no confusion towards the end of the project. We believe in reason ability and affordability.

We know how much it takes to ensure your moving process is hassle free. This is why we ensure that you are never taken aback because of any hidden cost or any hidden terms once everything is finalised. We keep you informed of every single detail and every single risk, and give you the best and the most affordable estimate you could think of. All this to make your house shifting project hassle free.

We are Dynamic!
As leaders in the home relocation industry, we are aware of every inch of bustle that happens when you are trying to move your home. We are not only aware of everything, but we have solutions to everything as well, in case you come across any problems. Our immediate aim is to ensure your moving day goes stress free!

This is why we have means to take care of all your needs. We have means to ensure your hurdles are out of your way. We have an abundant range of services, which are comprehensive in nature. These services can manage everything that entails an average home moving project on an end-to-end. We handle everything. We plan, we move, we pack, we store, we transport, we deliver, and we unpack. You don’t have to do a thing. We got it covered for you.

Stress Free Re locations
When it comes to a smooth and stress free move, a lot of planning and organizing goes into it to ensure it is successful. As the best house shifting services in UAE, we make sure we leave no stones unturned. We take nothing for granted. We plan for every minute detail.

Your house moving project begins with a minor assessment of your home, your belongings, and your valuables. Our team of professionals is going to carry this assessment out for you. During our assessment, we are going to review and acknowledge each and every detail so you are relaxed and happy at all times. We will take all details into consideration. We will listen to all your needs and concerns, we will work in accordance with your needs and priorities and will handle your important and fragile items with utmost care and attention. We will devise all your packing, unpacking, storage, and transport strategies with you at the center.

Strategist correct methodologies is of utmost importance to a successful house move. It should cover all kinds of aspects in your move, including –
Organizing  your move correctly Arranging for transportation facilities and permits Organizing a team of professionals for your moving process Packing your items and valuables with

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care, with the help of all kinds of modern techniques and equipment
Our team of professionals, with their exemplary amount of experience are the ultimate way to make sure your house relocation process is a success. It is the only way to make sure your relocation is stress free.

Home Dubai Movers Packers Shifters
Al Awais Movers are Shifters, Packers, and Movers in Dubai, UAE. We are in the moving & packing industry from numerous years having a rich experience in this field. We know exactly what the client needs and how to deliver the services to them. We are extremely happy to provide you exquisite services. We have turned into the first choice among home shifters and office shifters to relocate. Al Awais movers in Dubai are committed to helping you relocate in a possible manner. We deal with everything from the initial packing to the final unloading.

Our Advantages:
Sufficient Resources Cost-effective operations Flexible and market drove Use of latest technology for Shifting & packing
Our Mission:
To help our clients by offering cost-effective, Advanced and quality services.To make and keep up a good relationship with our clients.To keep our Employees equipped with proper training and advanced tools.To help our customers by using the latest methodology.
Al Awais Movers deal with everything in an expert, orderly and sorted out the way. In fact, we guarantee that your belongings is kept in export grade quality boxes to prevent damage. It’s not possible for anyone to beat Al Awais Movers with regards to client benefit. We are accessible all day, every day to bring the best shifting experience to you.

Licensed, insured and best movers and packers in Dubai

Home Corporate Relocation Services Dubai
Get a quality move with Al Awais as your partner for domestic and global corporate relocation services.
Moving your corporate office to new premises can cost you a lot of money due to the disruption to your business activities. This is why it is very important that you choose the right movers to handle the transition. Al Awais Movers is a full-service moving company that will handle every aspect of your move, from the preparation to the actual packing and transport of your office furniture and equipment.

We know how highly professionalism is viewed in the business world and we live up to that expectation. Each team member is trained professionally, fully-licensed and properly insured.

Once we are at your new location, we will ensure that every stick of furniture and every piece of equipment will be just where you want it to be in your new location. We have substantial experience in the business with a deep understanding of the services that companies require when they have to move. We will ensure that the move is as smooth and efficient as possible so that your office can be up and running again with minimum interruption of your business.

Choosing the customized option can shorten time for the whole process. Give us a call and we will be asking you about your particular specifications. Then we will pack, load, transport and unload in accordance to the agreement. We can help you unpack the boxes and arrange your chairs, desks, computers and other office equipment in your new location if needed. If you have your own men to do these finishing tasks, we want to let you know we are ready to help.

Home Office Movers in UAE
Work is stressful enough, your moving experience shouldn’t be!
Whether your business is a local one, or it is a reputed and a sprawling corporate space, our office moving services can enhance your business relocation experience the right way! Our commercial moving services are top notch and best in class!

While you manage your business and handle your organizational goals, we handle your moving.

With all kinds of responsibilities you experience at work, from managing your business operations, clients, strategist your next business model, to handling your employees, office moving experience could become a bit overwhelming! But you would not have to worry! We are there for you. Let Al Awais Cargo Packaging Services take over your office relocation project the next time! Let’s find a new home for your business!

We are professional and experienced office movers in Dubai and have been providing our corporate relocation services for about two decades now! It should not come off as a surprise when we say that we are the best office movers in Dubai!

We are affordable, reliable and experienced! Our expertise in office moving projects will allow you to focus on your business goals and objectives, without missing a dime! Whether you are trying to shift your business along with shifting your home, or are looking to expand your business to a new location, you are in for a treat! We are premium commercial moving service providers for businesses of all sizes!

Choose us to make your office moving experience a great one!

Why would you want to choose us?
A valid question in your mind! Why should you invest your business moving experience in us? Why should you rely on us?

Well, we have years of experience. We are one of the best packing and moving companies Dubai. Our professional moving history has made us experts that we are today, as far as commercial moving is concerned!

For your office moving project, we are going to transport every single furniture and every single paper clip and other inventory items so you wouldn’t be lost without the same! We follow a strategic system of packaging, transporting and unboxing your office items while we ensure the safety of the same. We are efficient in what we do and are speedy as well! In a short time, you are going to experience complete shifting of your office space with all necessary aspects covered! With us, you are going to avoid unnecessary costs which usually incur when you are involved with other naive office movers and packers.

Al Awais Cargo Packaging services is the #1 choice for you! Why?
We give you –

Careful handling of all your items Professional yet friendly services.Timely and quick delivery of your items 100% satisfaction Customized moving experience to cater to your needs!
Our team of experts and our infrastructure will make your office moving experience a success! Our excellent track record of not just moving office and commercial spaces, but building long-term relationships is why we are the best in the market! We store, pack, ship, and unpack items of all volumes! We handle everything, no matter the shape or the size. Our commercial moving services will focus on each and every aspect of your office moving

Home International Movers and Packers
International Movers and Packers in Dubai
Al Awais Movers has the effective thought skill and its first class customer services. Al Awais Movers helps you each and every step and ensures a calm & reliable international relocation.

The care & safety of your products is the first preference of Al Awais Movers, which is the reason we have created inventive packing materials and excellent methods for international moving & packing. Our cases & packaging material don’t just secure your things, they are environment-friendly as well.

At Al Awais Movers, we are driven by perfection and proceeded with client’s satisfaction. Our crew are much talented & well-trained to deal with your goods from beginning to end, ensuring the entire procedure is smooth and decent.

Our devoted teamwork has made us the most regarded and suggested international Movers and Packers Company in Dubai.

We make your international moving as smooth as you require.We guarantee you totally bother free relocation experience.We will assist you with planning for international moving your profitable belongings to your next destination.
Our amazing moving and relocation services have made us a respectable & well-known name in the international Movers and Packers industry

Home Movers And Packers in UAE
Are you looking for movers and packers in UAE? Then you are at right place! Al Awais Movers have come up with great solutions just for you:

Perfect Packing and Moving Solutions: :
Al Awais Movers is one of the top ranked movers and packers in UAE. We offer the best packing and moving solutions to our clients. With almost 100+ successful clients in all the sectors like households, industries, and offices, we have helped them by providing best of our solutions. If you are also planning to shift your home or your office then we would really love to do the needful for you.

Reasons to choose Al Awais Movers for your packing and moving services:
No one can pack and move like us:
We are involved in this field since many years and we believe in delivering quality of work. We strive towards improving ourselves in every aspect so that we make happy clients throughout our service. We understand the needs of clients very well so that it’s easier for us to work accordingly. Our team works according to the business ethics to deliver you the best.

We deliver you best solutions:
We have a network of business partners across the world. Thus, we reach our clients in a better way than any other company. We have a team of experts that have good knowledge of relocation process. Our solutions help our clients to move quickly without any problem.

Our modern tools and devices:
Our tools and devices makes us stand apart from others. When we move your products we understand the responsibility. Thus, we ensure safe packing and modern tools for the entire moving process. Al Awais Movers is known for its high quality packing and moving services. We work for both families as well as enterprises. Whoever we work for, we ensure a hassle free service to our clients through our modernized tools and devices.

We are very professional in our work:
We have a team of skilled and trained professionals who know how to pack and move. We provide packing and moving solutions at best price. When we work for you, we guarantee smooth and fast transportation as well as neat unloading services. We also provide personal assistance in carrying your valuables.

Al Awais movers and packers in UAE, are a standout among st the most solid removalists giving customer friendly and professional house and office moves. Our moving team safely handles a wide range of furniture expulsions guaranteeing care and harm-free moving. Book us for your nearby or interstate move to encounter bother free services at budget rates.

We’ll Pack and Move Household Goods and Furniture, Office Equipment and Commercial Consignments

We serve all cities of UAE 6 days of the week.Our group is experienced and skilled in the trade.We’ll do everything for you. We should get you packing, moving, storage, unloaded and arranged.Our costs are affordable so you can save money. We are completely guaranteed for your peace of mind.No additional items in charges. No hidden charges. Pay just for the time we work with you.
While planning for a move, pressing and unloading tasks are most exhausting and difficult. We can well deal with these tasks to guarantee a stress-free relocation. Confirming that every one of the goods are well organized & properly packed, we guarantee their protected transit without creating the mess.

Home Packing and Moving Companies UAE
Are you looking for packing and moving companies in Dubai, who eases your work if you are moving somewhere? What we know through our analysis is that it seems easier to move from one place to another but packing everything in one go is a big headache! Many people need some or the other kind of help for packing purposes. Is this same with you? Do you also need some packing help? Then Al Awais Movers is there to take a step ahead and take care of all your packing needs. You can call us your helping hand or a specialized team of trained experts who know the trick of perfect packing.

Al Awais Movers offer a good variety of packing services that satisfies all your needs.

Al Awais Movers focus on exceptional service and spend a great deal of time discussing customer requirements in full. Our team of experts at each of our offices ensures any and all questions can be answered and customer assurance assured. Only when a customer is entirely confident with the transportation, packing, moving or storage solution being delivered will we proceed.

Dubai based Al Awais Movers, have been a leading name in the packing and moving industry for many years. Whether you are migrating or moving house, home or business locally or anyplace, Al Awais Movers pride themselves of extraordinary client services and latest methodology. Fantastic client benefit, a specialist comprehension of the business and tender loving care mean our clients get more than anticipated that brings rehash business and various referrals.

Al Awais Movers endeavor to keep on being the best packers and movers in Dubai, UAE creating and giving as good as ever services and solutions to remain market leaders.

Providing fantastic moving and packing services to all of our customers Invest in our representatives to give better services and organization growth Worry about the environment according to the most recent industry guidelines Safety as the best need for guaranteeing safe work strategies Investing in innovation to give the quick, accurate and cost-effective services Living up to highest industry standards
We give specialized help and consistent supervision with a specific guarantee to ensure a protected and smooth delivery of your movables. We give highly professional services which our competitors find difficult to compete with.

Home Best Relocation Companies in UAE
Best Among the Relocation Companies in Dubai
You may need to do corporate relocation for different reasons. One of the basic reason behind, the developing business is a requirement for space to extend and better infrastructure. You may be planning to shift at bigger space, open new branches or renovate your present office. Whatever the reason might be you require corporate relocation services for an effective move. Looking for proficient help from famous packers and movers would lead to smooth moving experience.

An Office Mover with Al Awais Movers will Offer
5-star appraised office move specialists who plan and deal with every situation White glove teams who pack, move and transport your substance Office equipment movers who give complete IT disconnect and reconnect service Office furniture movers talented at modular system furniture dismantling and reassembly Secure document movements and offsite record storage Your office substance unloaded in their exact areas at the new office with negligible downtime Post office move cleaning and polishing
We generally want to give the best impression of a fantastic moving experience. Each move is taken care of our team and handled with the most ideal way that could be available. Our moving experts are additionally prepared to react to the immediate needs of our valuable customers.

Home Movers and Packers in UAE
As Dubai’s driving movers and packers, we can help you at each stage to make your move a cheerful experience. Our team is well trained to deal with your goods professionally. We trust that no move is the same and in like manner offer answers to suit your relocation.

We plan all parts of your relocation in advance to guarantee that your interesting needs are tended to. With our dependable and fast packing, unloading and transporting services, we can take the strain involved with moving a house or office. Al Awais movers have a group of much prepared and experienced experts to deal with your products with care. Our talented packers take extraordinary consideration to give a protected and secure moving experience for you.

Why Choose Al Awais Movers
Al Awais Movers in Dubai have a group of experts with the latest tools & equipment to take care of relocation in the least time and at an affordable price.

Free counsel about the moving procedure Capable and well trained professional moving staff Dependability and Peace of Mind
Being the best removal company in Dubai UAE, we offer low-cost packers and movers benefits inside your budget

Home Removal Services in UAE
Al Awais Movers in Dubai is one of the experienced & hassle-free removal company. We provide the moving & packing services at best price and can be available at short notice. For what reason you should pick Al Awais movers :

Why Choose Al Awais Movers
Al Awais Movers in Dubai have a group of experts with the latest tools & equipment to take care of relocation in the least time and at an affordable price.

Experienced in moving, packing & deliveries Friendly man and van services Flats, houses and office removals Free quotes and effective cost Available at short notice Leading & Outstanding removal services Use of expert and reliable packing material The actualized quality control framework Fully insured services
Our representatives are prepared experts who take extraordinary pride in their work and our costs are difficult to beat. Utilizing our evacuation administrations, you can simply make certain that your things are being taken care of with incredible consideration and thoughtfulness regarding subtle elements.

Cheap and best moving costs Get a FREE quote & obligation.Complete door to door services Doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you are moving locally or to another nation, you can believe that your belongings are safe with Al Awais Movers.
We just not transport your belongings, we do well planning for your relocation and make it a cheerful experience for you. Al Awais Movers take his job seriously and honesty to do what best for clients, that has made us strong and recommended packing and moving service provider in Dubai, UAE and other major cities in UAE.

Welcome To Al Awais Movers & Packers Company You Easy I am Here You Set and Watch I Will Do It Everything This My Responsibility We are Expert Relocation Professional Moving

Complete House
Home appliances

Packing Furniture Kicthen Clothes Glass items bathroom or other Personal Items Available Hanger Boxe Storage Normal Boxe Fixing

Handyman Service Handling Very Carefully Small Or Big All Items Deliver safely I Have All Size Trucks Available I Do also One Items Delivery You Need Rant Truck I Provide Cargo Packing Loading Unloading Dismantling & Reassembling All Furniture Experience

Pan Emirates
Home Canter
Speed House
New Dana Furniture
Res-tonic Furniture
Al Iktifa Furniture
Al Obaidi Steel Furniture
Wood Tech Furniture
Al Saei Furniture
Golden Sand Furniture
Al Walli Furniture
Nebal Furniture
Shahin Furniture
Interior Selections
Badi Design
Bond Furniture
Office One
A.B.D Interiors
Phoenix Touch
Al Safi
Classic touch
Art and Craft
Mostafawi Est


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